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How to Pick a Wedding Venue You'll Love, According to Experts

We've got all the information you need on how to choose a wedding venue. We asked a few wedding experts for their wedding venue recommendations.

By Amit KumarPublished about a year ago 4 min read

You can't have a wedding without the perfect venue like museum wedding venues Atlanta, which is why knowing how to choose a wedding venue is such an important part of wedding planning. Whether you've imagined a destination wedding at a resort or an at-home wedding in your backyard, selecting a wedding venue is an important task that must be completed before you get too far into the planning process.

So, what exactly is a wedding venue? What services do wedding venues provide? What should you look for in a wedding venue? Who should you bring to look at wedding venues? Perhaps you're wondering how to compare wedding venues. Don't worry, we've got all the information you need on how to choose a wedding venue. We asked a few wedding experts for their wedding venue recommendations.

What Is a Wedding Venue?

Simply put, your wedding venue is the location of your wedding. Some wedding venues host both the couple's ceremony and reception, while others choose two wedding venues, one for the ceremony and another for the reception. Wedding venues are not one-size-fits-all, so it's critical to understand what type of space you require for your special day and what options are available to you.

How to Research Potential Wedding Venues

Before you begin the process of vetting potential wedding venues, you should brainstorm and research potential wedding venues. Online research and video consultations are excellent starting points in the search process, but they should never be used to completely replace seeing a space in person. After researching your favorite potential venues, it's critical that you finally see the space in person—this will be the most effective way to determine if a location is right for your big day.


Instagram, specifically hashtagged content, is your friend when it comes to weddings—and the same goes for venue hunting. To begin, try scrolling through location-specific hashtags such as #[yourcity]weddingvenue to see if you can find some hidden gems in and around the location where you intend to tie the knot. Instagram can quickly become a rabbit hole, in the best possible way, so save any and all locations that pique your interest. This will allow you to return later and thoroughly research the options you've discovered.

Word of Mouth

In the same way that word of mouth is a great way to discover beloved local haunts and must-visit restaurants, seek venue recommendations from friends, both engaged and not. Perhaps a friend recently attended a coworker's wedding and fell in love with the historic estate venue they chose—you'll never know unless you start reaching out to friends and family. Keep in mind that, while word of mouth opens you up to a flood of advice, the wedding is ultimately your day to plan however you see fit as the engaged couple, so you only need to heed the input that serves you and your partner.

How to Find Your Dream Wedding Venue

You can now narrow down your list to find your dream wedding venue like Atlanta history museum wedding venue now that your research is complete. These must-know tips will help you cut through the clutter of venue options and find the ideal location for your special day.

1. Talk with Your Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner will be a valuable resource throughout the planning process, especially as you begin to consider wedding venue options. As professionals, they'll know what non-negotiables to look out for. They will also be able to show you how your wedding style could be realized in a potential venue.

2. Finalize a Budget and General Location

The wedding venue you ultimately choose will be heavily influenced by your wedding budget and location. Knowing what you can afford and where to focus your search will make the process of choosing a wedding venue as easy as possible. Sarah Jones, Venue Director of Vanderwende Acres, emphasizes the importance of doing "as much research as you can before you start visiting venues." Nothing is more disappointing than discovering your dream venue is out of your price range."

Furthermore, while you don't need to know your exact wedding date before booking a venue, because a venue's availability will greatly influence the date you choose, you should have an idea of when you'd like to tie the knot. Some seasonal venues, particularly outdoor wedding venues, may be closed during certain times of the year and thus unavailable for your wedding.

3. Understand Your Vibe and Aesthetic

You won't be able to find a suitable venue unless you know what kind of wedding style and aesthetic you want. A rustic farm wedding may not be for you if you want an ultra-glam wedding with lots of acrylic and mirrored details. If you and your partner enjoy the outdoors and want your guests to dine under the stars, a classic hotel ballroom or a contemporary art museum will not work.

4. Understand the Types of Venues Available and What's Included

Some wedding venues are all-inclusive—they serve as both a ceremony and reception location, as well as rentals, catering, and A/V equipment. However, some venues are sparse, providing only a blank canvas where you'll need to bring in many of your own rentals and details (many outdoor wedding venues and beach wedding venues fall into this category).


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