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Trendy Sofa Color Combination in 2023

Bring about the exciting change that your living room requires with our list of trending sofa colors that will not only impress your guests but can also benefit your eyes according to color psychology! Continue reading to learn more.

By Amit KumarPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Your favorite sofa set from best home decor stores comfortably accommodated you whether you were having a conversation, playing games, watching television, or reading a book. However, the problem with furniture is that the longer it is present, the more of a blind spot it creates. So, as much as you adored this focal point in your living room for its timeless and classy appearance, it's probably looking tired, underappreciated, or unnoticed!

The New Year certainly inspires us all to set new goals, but a living room makeover can be costly if you have to change sofa sets every season. Instead, why not experiment with something as simple as a sofa color combination to add oomph? Bring about the exciting change that your living room requires with our list of trending sofa colors that will not only impress your guests but can also benefit your eyes according to color psychology! Continue reading to learn more.

Stunning Blue

If you've never experimented with colors other than the primary ones on the color wheel, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by gorgeous Blue hues. According to color psychology, the color blue represents tranquillity, stability, and dependability. When it comes to a sofa color combination, you simply cannot go wrong with blue. A Lounger L-Shape Sofa Set is a stunning sofa with deep Persian blue upholstery that instantly distinguishes it. Place some multi-colored cushions that match the color of the sofa in the room, and you'll notice an immediate improvement. When accessorizing the sofa, look for colors that complement it, such as white, greens, gold, yellow, or light blue.

Hues of Red

Red represents love, attraction, passion, and vibrancy. If you like eclectic styles and want to spruce up minimalist and practical furniture, this bright sofa set color is for you. The red instantly adds charm to your space, especially when paired with a one-of-a-kind sofa color combination of black, white, grey, brown, or pale yellow accented with cushions. Unsure about purchasing an entire sofa set in the popular red sofa color? Place a funky red single-seater Ottoman within the existing seating arrangement to add a splash of color. The red not only makes the seat stand out, but it also helps to break up the monotony of neutral colors throughout the room.

The Best Sofa Colors in trend: Hues of Green

Green is a color that is always in style. It instantly instills a sense of serenity and abundance and grounds us in nature. Most homeowners, however, are wary of using green because they believe the darker shades will make the room feel smaller or darker. The beauty of this color, on the other hand, is that there are many shades of it that can complement an existing interior décor theme without disrupting the rest of the design. The best sofa colors for a refreshing living room include a unique olive green, teal green, fern green, or sage/pastel green. When combined with neutral walls or a rustic theme, you have a stunning sofa color combination!

Captivating Pink & Purple

This is one of the best sofa color combinations to offer if you want a sofa colors design that will turn heads. Pink and purple are complementary colors on the color wheel and can instantly add a stylish vibe. Our best advice? Choose a simple design with soft textured fabric upholstery in pink or purple--think velvet. This adds character without being too loud for your space. Finish off this sofa color scheme with a charcoal grey backdrop or by pairing the focal point with a funky black and white rug.


There is no color more enticing in an interior than white. White, especially when it comes to modern sofa color options, immediately draws attention to the design aspect of furniture. Scandinavian sofa color designs work best in lighter shades like white, beige, and brown hues, as the simplicity and minimalism stand out when the colors are neutral. Furthermore, with white as your base color, you have plenty of room to experiment with different textured and colored cushions. Do you want to have some fun? On white fabric, choose printed designs such as florals, tribals, or peacock prints. By adding strong beige legs to the sofa, you can up the style quotient of the color combination.

Cosy Brown sofa colours design

Brown is a color that complements any sofa color in your home, whether you have a modern tufted sofa or a relaxing and reclining single seater. Because it is a neutral color from Sofa Fabric Dealers in Chennai, it has a wide range of applications when combined with unique and contrasting colors such as navy blue, turquoise, and pastel blue for sofa sets. Brown and green is another lovely and organic sofa color combination. This match made in heaven appears exceptionally beautiful, exuding a warm, welcoming, and cosy vibe. Experiment with various sofa color ideas by combining tan browns, dark browns, and beiges with cushions, throws, and other accents that highlight the base color.

Gorgeous grey

Style your living room sofa colors with a gorgeous grey color that can match any accessory you desire. A sleek L-shaped sofa in charcoal grey, yellow, black, or white can be a visual treat, adding a touch of elegance. Charcoal grey is a stunning option in sofa color ideas, not only for the sofa color itself but also with woven throws that can be styled and placed on the sofa arm. Choosing sofa designs and colors like grey can ensure long-term use because they can adapt to any setting without requiring too many style quotients in the room to be heavily modified. This is one of the best sofa colors for 2023!


When it comes to living room furniture, maroon is one of the most popular and best sofa colors. Its rich color creates a regal vibe and isn't restrictive when accessorizing. Bright maroon cushioning instantly brightens the space, especially if you have strong, heavy, traditional sofa sets. Maroon also looks great with wooden furniture such as coffee tables, side tables, and stools.

Home decoration can be a difficult task. Choosing the right sofa color, lighting, budget, and spacing all require planning. Enjoy decorating your sofa set with the best sofa colors in the style that you prefer.


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