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How To Make Product Videos?

Creating Impactful Product Videos: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

By James WilliamPublished about a month ago 4 min read
How To Make Product Videos?
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As a product video production company like Adjust Production, one should know the emerging importance of product videography for e-commerce websites. With digitalization, everything has shifted to online platforms, even the customers’ demands for product videography projects too. With all these, the expectations to deliver top-notch and attractive yet minimalistic product videography from product video production companies have also increased. Hence, one needs to know how exactly to make product videos.

Let us delve into a step-by-step procedure on how to make product videos in this blog.

Define What You Exactly Want For Product Video Production

Firstly, you should be clear about “why and for whom you are making that particular product video.” Keep in mind that no two brands are identical even if they belong to the same industry.

For example: Let's say you have to get product video production done for two skincare brands. Although they are from the same niches, still there would be so many differentiating factors between the two such as the brand’s name (obviously), logo, color themes, location, services provided, and much more.

So clear your final goal and objective beforehand so that it will be easier for you to get the further product video production smoothly.

Know Your Audience Well For Product Videography

As you have understood till here that your product video production process & thinking should be different for two unique brands, similarly make sure that you understand their different target audiences well.

For example: A digital marketing firm would have different needs as compared to a skincare brand.

Your product videographer experts need to have a thorough knowledge of what every unique client asks from you in the form of product video production.

Have A Story & Its Script

Everything, including products as well, has a story to narrate. Being a product videographer, you need to present the client’s demand for product video production in the form of a compelling and attractive story for the actual target audience. Whatever client has asked from you to make a product video whether it is about what problem they are solving for the people or just a normal explainer video for their product, explaining that with the help of a story can attract the attention of viewers more.

As you are done with a good storyline, do not skip its scripting part as it is also equally significant to judge your whole process as a product video production company. A script is nothing but a simple layout for a product videographer to plan in advance what and how exactly the elements will be displayed in the final product video production.

Storyboard Is Also Important

Now as you finalize your story & are done with the script, it is time to move on to the storyboard. After the script, a storyboard is the proper visual explanation of the whole product videography with all the camera angles, shooting angles, and other required elements as rough drawings on paper. It will help make your product video production process easier & smoother.

Footage & Other Assets

Now that you are done with the whole pre-production process including storyline, scripting, and making a good storyboard, it's time to collect the assets for product videography initially. But before actually diving into researching assets or shooting footage, you need to decide what type of product video production you are going to do, whether it is an animated video or live action or stop motion or just a video slideshow. Yes, it will depend solely on the budget and requirements as well but make sure that you decide on these during the initial steps. Otherwise, later on, it will create chaos for you only. After deciding thoughtfully, now get on to researching the relevant assets either online or offline (as you find best and your client suggests). Additionally, if you feel the need to shoot yourself, you can do the same freely for a top-notch product videography.

It's Time To Edit

After all these, it is the final showtime for you as a product video production company to showcase your skills. Start by choosing what software you prefer for video editing, whether Adobe Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve or Adobe After Effects or Canva or iMovie or Final Cut Pro. Now the following steps are something you are already pro in. Just import all the assets and footage in your video editing software & get on to the production process. Use perfect background music for your product videography and sync the clips with beats.

While editing your videos, take care of the following small yet subtle things:

  • Go with your storyboard
  • Keep everything concise
  • Focus on quality, not quantity
  • Showcase the product creatively

Share Your Product Video

As you finish the whole process of product video production, render it in both low and high quality using proper presets and other settings. And share it with the client, it depends totally on you if you want your client to get a gist of your product video production company by sharing a low-quality product video first so that if he or she suggests some changes, you can get them done easily beforehand. But if you want to share the highest quality render in one go, nobody is stopping you, you can do the same surely. Just remember it is not just that you have edited the video, and sent it to the client & it's all done. He/ she might offer some suggestions, be open & take them positively. And get on to re-editing the changes asked for by the client. Ultimately, it will boost your confidence, and experience about what clients of a specific niche ask and look for.

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  • Nordic Edge AIabout a month ago

    Creating product videos is an effective way to showcase your products, engage customers, and boost sales. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you produce high-quality product videos:Click here for more deatails. 1. Planning Define Your Goals Objective: Determine the purpose of your video. Is it to educate, demonstrate usage, highlight features, or share customer testimonials? Target Audience: Identify who you’re creating the video for. Understand their interests, needs, and pain points.

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