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How to live happily alone?

Living happily is what everyone want in their life. We want or depend upon so many thing or people for our happiness. Can we live without that or them? That's the question here.

By Feel goodPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
How to live happily alone?
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How to live happily alone , The big question.

Living happily is what everyone want in their life. We want or depend upon so many thing or people for our happiness. Can we live without that or them? That's the question here. Can you able to be happy without anyone or anything. Actually it is possible and I call it as a skill because If you can do this you can do anything in this world. There a power of being without anything or living alone.

First of all there will be a doubt to people that "can we live a life happily alone?". Yes of course. You can be all alone and still find yourself in happy and peace. That not a difficult task if you read this completely. I'm going to give a idea to about how to live alone happily and you are going to take that idea and Make it in your style then implement it in your style.

There is a reason that you need to learn before learning how to be happy alone. The reason is everyone in this world have to face any situation alone. For every one of us there will a point in life where thereafter you have to survive alone. No one will or can come for you. You have to be your own captain of the ship and lead yourself. Who can you do that? Let's see.

There are many ways to be happy even while living alone but it is possible only when these things are right.

Start to love yourself

The secret of being happily alone is to be in love with your self. Being in love with yourself is actually a magical feel. You have your key to happiness in your pocket not on someone else. Self love always starts from accepting yourself and loving the way who you are. I personally believe that self love will make you and your life in a different perspective. It will make the whole life into a beautiful journey.

Loving yourself or accepting yourself may be hard in the beginning but once you start seeing the result you will release that it worth it all. The more you are connected with yourself that much your life feel peaceful and less stressed. Ok now we say that we have love ourselves and trusted ourselves everything.

But now the Question is that how you can actually make it happen. The true love is defined as accepting someone with their pros and cons and being them with them no matter what happen in their life. And so the self love is. It is allowing yourself to do mistake, to stress over little thing, to be silly and so on but loving yourself. I don't mean that you can be the same person and don't need to improve. It is that you know you have to change or improve but for that you don't hate your dark side.

Loving your dark side is also a self love

If you get the power to accept yourself as yourself and ready to change yourself for the goodness of you then you can do anything in the world.

So the rule number one is to love yourself for a happy living especially living alone.

Self talk

We all need a person to person to talk and share everything with but what it is if we are living alone. With whom you will talk to and discuss with? Again the solution revolves around you only. Remember this quote

Be the best company to yourself so you don't need or depend on others to make you feelgood.

The more you talk inside you, you will understand yourself better and best. You can only be the better version of yourself when you who you are and what you are capable of. Self talk will always keep you connected with yourself and you feel life you are your best friend. Be your own self and try be to be best version of you.

Listen to music

Listening to music can actually change your whole mood. It is like choosing your own vibe. You can fix or decide your mood and vibe. When we live alone music help like no one else. It give you a happy and positive vibes. When you are down listen to something which will make motivated.

Actually What you listen is what you become. Music has a power to change the whole vibe. When you start listening to positive music or your favorite music you can actually you can see a whole change in your life. So listen to the song which give you a fresh and good feel.

You will remember a song fully but not a full page of a book no matter favorite that the book is but both have same amount of words in it. So you can now understand the power of music.

Anything you do with love and music will always good.

self control

When you are living you must decide what you want and what you do. So to avoid the unnecessary problem which cause 30% of our problem will be avoided if we say no to certain thing. These problems are not a big matter until you solve or prevent it before or else this has the power to become big.

Learn to say no to the thing you feel like that is bad to yourself no matter how much you love it. Because while living alone we may get distracted and get away from our dreams or routine. It is necessary to keep a healthy and good routine and you follow to control yourself.

Other than habits you have control your thoughts which is another important factor of life. you are your thought monitor it and control it for good living.


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  • Stephanie J. Bradberry2 months ago

    Some good advice.

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