How to get paid to chat online

Yes you can really make money chatting online

How to get paid to chat online

I have been getting paid to chat online for a few years now. This is one great hidden tech gem that a lot of people do not know about. But if you love to post and chat online, then this article is for you. I will go over the many ways you can get paid to chat online, and the sites that have worked for me.

First I have to talk about the site This is a site that is very easy to earn from. They pay you with PayPal once you reach 5 dollars or more in a month. What I like about this site is you and post and talk about anything. Posts do not have to very long to earn for you. You can post pics, videos, along with what you write. You can also post links.

What is unique about mylot is how you earn on the site. You do not earn just by posting. You earn when people reply and comment on your posts. Yes the more interaction you have on the site, the more you earn! This can make it fun if you start some really good topics with back and forth comments. I have been paid many times on and the site is 100 percent legit!

Yet another great site you can earn by posting is This site is different in the way that you do earn for each post you make. You make about 2 cents per posts. And you are paid for up to 10 posts per day. After that you can still post more if you like. But the value of each posted will be slashed to a much lower value. Overall I enjoy this site. You can about making money, technology or anything that comes to your mind. They pay with PayPal and I have been paid many times. Yet another legit site.

Now I will talk about some other ways you can make money chatting. One way is twitter. Now I don’t directly earn from posting on twitter. But if you post pics that get lots of views, and then let’s say you link to your blog or YouTube, you will earn form those views. Also if people comment you can reply and put your links in the comments. This will drive more traffic to your content, and earn you more revenue.

Yet another way to earn for chatting is to host a live stream on live me. They will pay you to make live streams daily. But you also earn when you chat with and get gifts from your fans. The more you chat with them or what they want like sing or dance, they more chance you have to get gifts. But some people just want to talk, and they will for sure give you some gifts.

Finally the last way to get paid to chat is to host a gaming live stream. Facebook now offers you the chance to earn money from your gaming videos and streams. All you need to do is get 1000 likes to your gaming page, and then get 15000 likes comments and shares. Once you get that you can apply to get monetized. Then you will get paid to reply to comments in your chat, and be able to chat with people on there. You also have the chance to make money off donations on Facebook now. This can be done with the Level Program. You only need 100 follows to get in this program. And then you can get what are called stars. These are virtual gifts your fans send you. They can later be converted to cash and cashed out. I hope this information has helped you get started in getting paid to chat online. And I wish you luck on your earning journey!

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