Why Bittube could be the next Bitcoin

Will Bittube rise in value like Bitcoin did?

NachoDon From Bitube TV explained why Bitcoin could be huge!

When Bitcoin first was born it was worth just under a cent. They were not even able to give away Bitcoin it first came out. But that was long time ago long before it hit 20,000 dollars per coin. And now more recently 8000 dollars per coin. Since then many other crypto coins have appeared. Some even came and went and are not longer earning for their investors.

But there is one coin that stands out from the rest and that is Bittube. Yes it is only worth about 1 cent per coin at the time. But with one difference it has it’s own social media and video sharing site up. Which means the coin has the potential to grow in value a lot. How do I know all this? I learned these things from the one and only NachoDon from the https://bittube.tv site. You can see him talking about why Bittube would be the opportunity of the a life time in the video above.

Much like Bitcoin Bittube is not worth a lot right now. But according to NachoDon and his speculation the Bittube coins could rise up in value a lot in the next 3 years. This means that if you buy up a lot of coins at 1 cent a piece. And let’s say they go up in value even to 5 dollars per coin you could be rich.

The value of this coin does have the potential to get huge if many people are using Bittube to actually buy things online. It can also grow if people use the Bittube TV site often. One great thing about https://bittube.tv is that it is censorship free. This means you can post just about any topic and not get shut down. It also allows creators to monetize their content with the Bittube crypto coins. Which means you don’t have to worry about advertisers trying to demonetize you. This is a problem we see so often with YouTube implementing new rules. And YouTube demonetizing channels for political views. Bittube TV has no such rule. So it will be easy to earn off your content with them.

Yet another reason to get excited about Bittube is that it means big money for video and content creators. Let’s say Bittube coins did go up to 5 dollars a coin. If your videos even made 20 bittube coins at 5 dollars a coin that would be 100 dollars a day off your content. Which is pretty good if you are trying to make a living off your content. Best part you will have no limits about the topics you can speak or post about.

I myself has made a lot of bittube coins just using Bittube browser and also by posting content on https://bittube.tv. In fact if Bittube coins went up in value to 5 dollars per coin today, I would have made thousands of dollars! So you can see the potential. But if Bittube ever goes up to Bitcoin numbers, then whoever has a lot Bittube coins will probably be rich in the near future. Always remember Bitcoin was worth less than a cent before it was born. And now just one Bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars.

It is amazing how a coin can start so small yet grow so bit in just the span of a few years. The same might happen with Bittube coins if people continue to use the coin on sites and to buy things with it.

So will Bittube be the next Bitcoin? Only time can tell but many factors point to yes. And it doesn’t hurt getting some free coins that could be worth thousands of dollars down the line.

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