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How To Draft a Resume Summary

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A resume summary is meant to show professional qualification for the applied job. When drafting it, read the job description and outline your achievements.

How To Draft a Resume Summary

A resume summary is written with the intent of highlighting your qualifications for the job. It gives a synopsis of your professional qualifications and demonstrates necessary skills. So all in all, it provides a quick overview of the candidate's profile to the recruiter. Therefore, while drafting it, candidates must acknowledge the role and responsibility of the job they wish to apply to and write a resume summary in congruence with it.

How To Write a Resume Summary:

Go through the job profile.

While writing a summary, candidates generally focus on what they can offer instead of what the recruiter demands or expects. So, they end up mentioning those skills that are useful otherwise, but have little or no relevance while applying for a particular profile. For example, in case of a data analyst profile, mentioning good communication or interpersonal skills in the summary wouldn't be apt because the profile predominantly requires a person with good number crunching skills. So, it is important that you take cognizance of the recruiter's expectations and only then begin writing a resume summary.

Contemplate on past achievements.

The next step is to think pragmatically on questions such as: "Why would a company hire you?", "Do you have the right qualities?", and "What are your contributions in the past?" Pondering over these questions can give you answers that can help you in bolstering your profile and would benefit in real terms. On gathering all your past achievements, make sure you include relevant achievements in a presentable manner in the profile summary. Also, make sure that you don't write the statement asserting what you plan to achieve. Instead of that, mention things that you've already done as they are more convincing.

Incorporate keywords in the summary.

Including keywords in a resume or in the summary has two benefits. First of all, as a major part of the job application process is carried out digitally, having a resume stuffed with keywords can be beneficial as they have maximum chance of appearing on the top of search engines or the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that the recruiters use. So, the candidates aware of these new developments can certainly have an advantage over the others. Secondly, keywords or jargon can be self-explanatory, and you need not explain every detail of your skills in the summary. And as a summary is meant to be written concisely, it is advisable to use keywords where it is possible.

Length of the Summary Statement

A concisely written summary is considered appropriate by the recruiters. A summary statement must not exceed than six lines and include information pertaining to the professional background only.

Advantages of Writing an Effective Resume Summary Statement

There are a number of benefits of writing a resume summary. It enhances your profile and improves the odds of your resume getting shortlisted for further hiring process. Since the task of recruiters involves reading countless resumes, a good resume summary would certainly reduce the average time a recruiter spends, thereby making it more convenient for him/her in getting a comprehensive outlook of the candidate's profile. However, just writing a good summary is not the only prerequisite, you also need to factor in all the other elements that can help you in building a strong resume.

Examples of Summary Statements

Product Developer:

A product developer with six years of product development experience in E-learning. Knowledge of web and app development with complex problem solving abilities. An impeccable track record of on-time delivery of projects with effective cost optimization. A customer-focused approach and an active contributor in increasing the revenue by 20% in the previous quarter.

Regional Sales Manager:

Ten years of sales management experience in the consumer products industry. Hired, trained, and groomed award-winning sales team, generating profits at 10% above the company average. Conducted consumer satisfaction surveys and recommended product enhancements which were then adopted.

The key to write a good resume is to include all the basic information, including career objective, summary statement, educational background, work experience, skills, etc. All these elements are building blocks of a resume and must not be ignored while writing a resume. Most importantly, write a resume summary when you have enough experience. In case you are a fresher, stick to the career objective.

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