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Is It Worth to Count Money on Resume Writers?


By Eva LeePublished 5 years ago 4 min read
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Writing a resume is a skill not possessed by many. There are some rules outlined when it comes to drafting resumes such as a chronological, functional, combination of the two, and targeted resumes. Along with that, there are a myriad of different things that are expected from the job-seekers by the recruiters. Since candidates are not aware of the rules, they generally rely on the content that is available online and on the experts. There are resume writers who draft resumes for candidates based on their profile, education, skills, etc. Job-seekers can avail their services if they think it can be beneficial for them, but hiring a professional has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As writing a good resume is critical in landing a job, a candidate must take into account all the pros and cons of hiring a resume writer.


Relevance to current trends: Being an expert, a resume writer knows the current trends along with expectations of the recruiters. So, hiring him/her can help you in building a strong resume that is in compliance with the expectations.

Knows how to highlight necessary information:

Resume writing experts have eyes like a hawk and can see whether the details on the resume are relevant or not. As a resume is an overview of your entire career, it is critical that you dish out pivotal information on your achievements and meaningful contributions in your career, and exclude extraneous details. The experts can effectively highlight all the necessary information on the resume.

Gives a professional touch:

Writing is not everyone's forte. People having a wide array of skills but not proper writing skills can get rejected if these weaknesses are highlighted in their resumes. So hiring a resume writer can be a good choice as it can subdue that weakness and give a professional touch to your resume.

Help in overcome hurdles:

Many individuals face the hurdle of customizing their resumes or writing it while switching a job or a career. In that case, you may not be sure how to position your experience, skills and abilities best. So, it is advisable to hire a resume writer as his/her experience can help you in overcoming such hurdles.


High price: Resume writing service is expensive. There are many resume writing websites and freelancers who provide these services.

Lack of a personal touch:

The way we write reflects a lot about our character. The recruiters usually gauge the person's abilities and acumen by the quality of his/her resume. So, if a person chose to get a resume written by an expert, there is a fair chance of getting an interview call. But getting a call doesn't suffice and writing a resume would only be beneficial if it actually helps you in landing a job. Also, if a resume is not written in your own words, the recruiters would certainly find that in the interview. As a result, you might appear as a completely different person to them as they figure out the discrepancies in you and your resume. If that happens, it can dent your chances of making it through the door as the recruiter would plausibly doubt your capabilities.

Unable to use it for different job profiles:

Freshers usually apply for different jobs once they are out of college. Generally, the rationale behind building a resume while applying for different jobs is to go through the job description and customize your resume accordingly. So writing a resume with help of an expert restrains you from applying for jobs with a different profile.

Large number of experts:

Topics on career and resume writing are widely searched on the internet. Most of them offer career advice and resume writing tips. However, finding the best person or a platform to build a resume can be a tedious task as there are only a few who have the right expertise. So it can be bewildering for candidates looking for an expert to write their resume, and they might end up making a poor choice.

Just as there are no fixed standards in writing a resume, the question “whether hiring a resume writer is worth your money,” has no definite answer. In some cases where the candidate is not confident in writing a resume or lacks the necessary skills, it is advisable to seek help instead of getting rejected at the screening stage. And if the candidate feels he can pull that off, it is better to write a resume on your own or by referring to the best samples resume that are available online.


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