Fundamentals of Listing Achievements in Resume

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Fundamentals of Listing Achievements in Resume
Achievements in Resume

Successfully applying for a job means showing the prospective employer why you are better than other candidates. If you want to get noticed among the crowd, is there any better way than mentioning your accomplishments in your resume? Employers often look for candidates who went beyond their job roles and helped meet targets for the company. They are in for pinpointing achievers who can bring transformation in work routine and boost profits of their business. Highlighting your achievements in the resume not only tells about your abilities but also specifies what values you can bring to an organization. Here are ways in which you can mention your achievements and make your resume impressive.

Prepare a list of accomplishments.

You might have worked in a variety and ample number of projects, but it is necessary to mention appropriately to catch the recruiter's attention. Instead of going for full stories, make use of bullets so that accomplishments are easily legible. These accomplishments can be in terms of increasing company's revenue by a big margin, training new recruits, enhancing productivity by actively participating in different team projects, inducing new work methods to increase output and efficiency thus saving time and money for the organization. If you received rewards or a special award from the previous employer, include it in your resume.

Use the PAR process.

This is the most effective method to list your achievements and make them clear to the hiring manager. It involves listing problems, actions taken, and results obtained. Using this method, you can have a chance of explaining how you identified an issue at work, what ways you took to address the same, and what outcome was generated once the steps were taken. It conveys the candidate has problem-solving skills and the ability to take on important decisions.

Add numbers to quantify.

Employers often seek candidates who are capable of delivering expected results. Even if you have been a spectacular performer, it is necessary to state your achievements in numbers. It portrays a clear picture to the person reading your resume. By quantifying your work experience, you market yourself as a candidate who focuses on results as well as tasks. Adding percentage and time spent to complete a task gives the prospective employer an idea of what you have successfully managed in previous employment.

Use action words.

To create a positive impression on the reader, do not start your bullet points with passive words. Make use of action words to highlight your achievements. These action verbs demonstrate you as an accomplisher of a task and display the roles you performed on-the-job. Do not start your bullet sentences with the term "Responsible for." Instead, use powerful words like "implemented", "developed", "completed". For example, if you're heading a team to solve an essential problem related to development, you can write "Spearheaded an enthusiastic team to solve development issues and ensure efficiency."

Highlight tasks that project you as a self-starter.

Hiring managers are always on the lookout for employees who are innovators and can contribute to the company beyond their role. If you have managed to get more business for a previous company or gone out of the way to mentor colleagues from other teams out of kindness, mention it in your resume. Such examples convey that you are a self-starter and will go to any length to achieve the results.

You must include a separate section for highlighting accomplishments in a resume. With this, you can draw special attention to your key performances and indicate how you have contributed to the company's business. Mentioning achievements is an excellent way to show you are fit for the applied role and you can be an asset to them.

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