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How to Care for Your Bronze Statues

Here are some simple ways to keep your bronze statues looking as good as new...

By Amit KumarPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Bronze statue creation were widely used long before the 9th century and can be found in Greek, Roman, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian, and many other cultures.

It is composed of copper, zinc, tin, nickel, lead, iron, brass, and silver, though most bronze statues today are 88% copper and 12% tin.

It is still a revered art today, though many may find it as a centerpiece in opulent living rooms and fine dining establishments.

For all of its eye-catching artistry and beauty, the bronze statue requires some care and maintenance to ward off the occasional visits of dust bunnies, spilled martinis, and other rampaging elements, which can deteriorate the coat of the bronze statue's original patina.

Here are some simple ways to keep your bronze statues looking as good as new:

Tip #1: Care and Cleaning

Bronze is a tough material that can withstand a variety of environmental conditions. However, it is not impervious to wear and tear.

The best way to keep it safe from harmful debris and other elements is to keep it in the safest part of your living space. Keep it in well-ventilated areas because it becomes vulnerable in high heat and humidity.

Dusting your statues with a dry, soft cloth or brush on a regular basis can help to prevent grime buildup. If it becomes coated with residue, wipe away the stains with any cleaner containing a mild dishwashing detergent, as anything stronger may damage the patina's surface.

If the statue is being installed outside, a hose with a gentle spray can be used to rinse it.

To that end, pat it completely dry because any moisture trapped between its crevices can be damaging to its coating.

Tip #2: Waxing

After cleaning and drying the surface, seal it with a protective wax such as Renaissance Wax, Johnson's Traffic Wax, or Mohawk Blue Label Paste Wax, which use a pure microcrystalline wax that will not yellow over time.

Make sure the wax is also free of any cleaning agents. Use a soft, clean cotton cloth to apply a thin coat to the entire surface. Allow it to dry outside in the shade or in bright light for several hours.

Once the wax has dried, wipe it down with a clean cloth before applying another layer until the desired shinier effect is achieved; multiple coatings will not harm the statue.

Tip #3: Precautions

If you come into contact with unusual patinas and special coatings, avoid modifying the surface with abrasive polishes, brushes, or chemicals that could damage the patina.

When dealing with significant changes to your statue, it's best to contact a reputable gallery, foundry, or professional conservator.

In this regard, the patina of the bronze and the subtle changes that will appear over time are regarded as part of the allure and long-standing history of your bronze statue.

Its warm, rich surface will eventually show signs of wear, which only adds to the piece's brilliance.

Cleaning and Maintaining Bronze Statues

To clean your bronze statue, use only warm water, mild soap detergent (such as Ivory dish soap), and a soft, nylon bristle brush or sponge. Never use cleaners containing chemical solvents because they will remove the patina (finish) on the bronze statue.

We recommend waxing the bronze statue once or twice a year after cleaning it with 100% carnauba wax (such as Johnson's Paste Wax) to protect it from rain and ultraviolet rays. This will add luster to the bronze statue while also reducing water spotting. This is available at most hardware stores and online. Wipe off the excess wax with a clean, soft rag after applying a coat of wax to the entire bronze statue.

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