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Know all about Home Décor Furniture Care and Maintenance

Purchasing a piece of furniture is usually for the long term, and if you are not a big fan of change or have plans to replace your furniture, you should have all of the cleaning tips at your disposal.

By Amit KumarPublished about a year ago 3 min read

We all enjoy a lazy Sunday in which we do nothing but lie in our beds and watch an old episode of FRIENDS. Our furniture from D'Decor showroom in Chennai is constantly subjected to wear and tear in our homes. As a result, cleaning, cleansing, and maintaining your home furniture should become a routine in order to extend its life. Purchasing a piece of furniture is usually for the long term, and if you are not a big fan of change or have plans to replace your furniture, you should have all of the cleaning tips at your disposal.

Tips to maintain your furniture

Minimise damage

We try to warn children not to use the couch in the living room as a jumping jack, but it never works. If you want to protect your furniture, get them a real one. Channel all of the excitement you felt when you brought your new piece of furniture home and all you could think about was cleaning it. Regular furniture maintenance is just as important as skin care.

Maintain the quality

Maintaining the integrity and quality of your furniture is one of the most important steps in maintaining it. The first step is to purchase high-quality furniture. Along with your Saturday night plans, make a weekend cleaning list that includes cleaning your coffee tables, dusting your shoe cabinets, and sweeping the dust off your sofas.

Wooden furniture maintenance tips

Wood maintenance is an art

Only on wooden furniture can the most exquisite furniture with stunning intricate details be created. Wooden furniture adds character to the room. It enhances the space's personality. When compared to other materials, maintaining furniture wood quality is different. Keep your wooden furniture, for example, out of direct sunlight; UV rays are repelled by more than just your skin. Sunlight causes the color of wood to fade, lowering the quality of the wood. Aside from general cleaning and maintenance tips, keep in mind that different materials necessitate different types of care. The same cleaning methods that you use on wooden furniture cannot be used on upholstered furniture.

Use lubricants

Using the right lubricants, rather than just soap and water, will help you maintain your furniture in the long run. The presence of lubricants for cleaning furniture indicates the absence of contamination. Never underestimate the power of microorganisms to destroy large entities. The key component is using the proper furniture cleaning agents and, of course, making this a habit. Here are some pointers to help you improve your furniture cleaning and maintenance routine:

  • To clean any metal surface, use a soap and water solution.
  • Steel surfaces should be cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaning agent.
  • For any glassware furniture, start with a soap and water solution and then disinfect with an alcohol-based spray.
  • Using cleaning solutions containing ethanol alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect wood furniture.

Tips to maintain furniture made of glass

Dry to wet

Never approach a glass top piece of furniture with a wet cloth soaked in soap or detergent. Use a dry and clean cloth to remove any dust atoms that have taken up residence on your furniture. The surface can then be cleaned with mild soap and water. Avoid hard water because it contains mineral residues that can leave marks. As a result, your glass furniture maintenance checklist can cross one crisis off its list.

Use coasters

Coasters are another way to keep your furniture in good condition. Coaters are one of the greatest inventions; whoever invented this circular marvel to protect table tops from the dreadful water ring marks left by glasses or coffee mugs is a genius. Simply place a coaster beneath your hot coffee mug to prevent the damaging effects of condensation on your tables.

Maintenance tips for upholstered furniture

Pick the right kind of fabric

Choosing the right fabric like sofa upholstery fabric makes furniture maintenance easier, and this is entirely dependent on your lifestyle. Synthetic fibers, for example, are a better choice for heavily used upholstered pieces. Similarly, if you have pets, avoid fabrics with loose threads/weaves, as well as leather. You don't want your expensive piece of furniture damaged simply because you adore your dog.

Don’t just clean it, Vacuum it.

Tiny dust particles may find their way into the comfort of those nukes and the corners of your furniture. If dust particles are present but not in front of you, you cannot properly maintain your furniture. Suck all the dust atoms that are resting in the gaps with a vacuum cleaner. Crummines aren't everyone's favorite.


That's enough of a knowledge session to make you have an epiphany about furniture maintenance. You wouldn't want to come here just for the looks, but also for the quality of the furniture.

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