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How to be a successful affiliate marketer

My full experience about how to be a successful affiliate marketer

By ghadermPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

When you search for an easy way to make money online or to start an online business, affiliate marketing will be one of the recommendations but we all tried this easy way and we didn't make anything so what is the problem here or what is the magic touch that makes others successful in this matter

Well now we will cover everything about this magic thing so make sure to read carefully and let's start by saying that there isn't magic in affiliate marketing BUT there are a few things you should consider when you try to be an affiliate

The first thing you should consider when you try to promote a product is to think about your product

I mean who will buy a hosting service you are trying to promote if you don't have one or if you talked about this service on a free hosting website

It's very important to think twice before you choose a product and it's better if you buy this product and give it a real review with the problems you faced and how you solved them.

Believe me, there are tons of products online to choose from so choose a product in a niche you have an experience with it even if the commission is not that big

You can visit websites like Offervolt and choose the best product for you to promote because there are so many affiliate programs on Offervolt website

Now let's talk about the second thing which is your thinking about affiliate marketing itself because if you think that you should impress the customer and let him like your product then you are wrong

The best way to think about affiliate marketing is to think about solving problems

Simply the customer is someone who has a problem with something like his website speed or his car or his tree and you are the hero who has the solution for his problem which is the product you promote

Now let's move to the third step which is connected to the previous one and it's understanding what the customer wants

Let's say you wrote an article about how to make money online through youtube, you can simply tell the reader that if he wants to maximize his earnings, he can build a website and publish an article about the same video but with some details or helping tools that he didn't say in the video and here you can simply promote a hosting service or a domain name because the reader wants it

Now the most important thing you should put in mind when you try to promote a product online is to avoid spam because no one will buy from you if you spam them so if you are just putting links in front of people and telling them to buy your product, you should stop doing this

Try to make a real review for the product or write an article about how to do something and recommends the product as a way to help the customer

The final step to be a successful affiliate is to build an audience and this is really a big factor for success because when people know you and trust you, they will trust your product and they will buy from you

You don't need to build an email list or a Youtube channel if you can't build them, Instead, you can simply build a telegram bot that offers something or a telegram channel also you can use websites like medium

Make sure to prepare your telegram channel or medium account very well by adding a few posts like courses that show people that you are good in your niche and honest which is the most important thing so share your real results even if it's not that big

These were my factors to be a successful affiliate marketer and I hope you find them useful

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