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Facebook marketing | Grow your Facebook page fast

All you need to know about Facebook marketing

By ghadermPublished 10 months ago 5 min read

Facebook is one of the most amazing ways to help you with your business, it has billions of active users every month, and this result doesn't include Instagram, and it also has about 1.6 billion active users every day, which is a very huge result and certainly, a ton of active users means you can take your business to the next level and in this article, I will show you how to grow your business page and more visible on Facebook to help you get more clients

Although there are millions of pages on Facebook, the real competition is not that huge because most users don't know what they should do exactly

Of course, this doesn't negate that there is no strong competition, but I mean that you have the opportunity to appear and advertise your services if you do this in the right way

Create a Facebook page

creating a Facebook page is easy just visit pages on your account and click on create after that fill in the information in the correct way

As for the name of the page, it should be the name that people know you for so they will search for it when they want your services or topics related to the niche you know

Avoid choosing names that are keywords you want people to search for, such as "Getresponse review"

Then choose the category that fits your content and that your customers think about your business

After that, write the description that suits you and make sure that it is realistic and expresses yourself, your services, or your content in short and not like other scammers

Upload profile and cover images to your page, and in the end, when you collect all these things, you must give a good first impression to the person who visits your page, and he should feel that your page provides a real benefit away from spam and other things that make him leave your page without following it

How to make your page more visibility on Facebook

Before we start increasing followers and engagement, you should start publishing about 10 to 15 posts in it, and certainly, these posts should provide real value to describe your page well

If you want to be more visible and get more engagement, you should first look at your content

Is it worth showing it to a lot of people, or even is it worth showing it to some people? or even worse, if your content is bad, it will not be shown to anyone

Therefore, I recommend that you focus on what benefits people before you publish, the important information that benefits people get the most access, also when you publish you have to think, about who are your followers, what they prefer, and what are they looking for

Whatever content you publish, you will have a group of friends or primary followers and If these followers don't like your content, your content will not be shown to other new people and your content will not be published more widely

That is, you must first attract the audience you target

publish evergreen content

Evergreen content is content that has remained useful over the years so that anyone can read it over years with its continued usefulness, such as posting about tips or product reviews and others

And when you post stuff like this you have to focus on using tools like spyfu which gives you a lot of popular keywords which in turn also helps you bring in more traffic to your page

when you publish useful and very popular things, don't mind reusing them and republishing them on Facebook, and Instagram, don't penalize their users for republishing useful content, so you can do that and benefit from it

Now when you post, you may be wondering, when should I post

Well the best time to post is when most of your followers are active and you can get such information from the analytics page that Facebook offers you

Also, you must determine the frequency of the work and determine how many times you can publish per day, for example, if you are talking about news about football celebrities and what is happening in the stadiums, you can post 3 times a day without a problem, but if you are talking about methods to work online, then perhaps if you By posting more than 3 times a day your followers get bored and start ignoring engagement

And if you're struggling with getting more followers you can simply take partners, such as you promote other pages in return for them to promote your page and thus spread your page to a wider range and get more engagement

Also, see what the big pages are posting that brings great interaction and then create a better post Interaction is one of the most important things through which you can increase your followers by commenting on the posts of large pages, but of course, your comments should be useful and express your professionalism, so people want to visit your page

The last way I will tell you is to add that you are an admin on your page on your profile and then post with your profile in the groups that talk about your niche and help members

We did this because you can't post to all groups using your business page and that's why we used your profile

Of course, when you help others and provide interest, many people will visit your profile and when they see that you are the admin of a business page, they will quickly like it


Everyone wants to start their business with social media or wants to become famous using this platform so these were my ways to grow your business page, I hope you find it useful

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