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Go for Heavenly Greens in Your Market-Stall and Let Your Stall Become the Centre of Attraction!

Running a market stall involves selling fresh and high-quality goods! For that the need of the hour is-attracting the attention of all the visitors

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Running a market stall involves selling fresh and high-quality goods! For that the need of the hour is --attracting the attention of all the visitors of the marketplace, and then hopefully convert them to become your customer. No matter how good your products are, if your stall is dull, gloomy, cluttered and clumsy -- you aren’t going to get those potential customers, even after lots of convincing. And charming ambiance entices people to walk in, which would lead them to browse your products, which in turn would result in a ringing cash register.

Well, now you know what you need to do. But your competitors know all that too. Then what? Being innovative and creative is the solution! How? Have you thought of using artificial grass in Auckland, Unreal Lawns offer the best quality of fake grass that can be used in the most creative ways to deck up your shop, making it so captivating that footfalls are guaranteed.

How Can Artificial Grass Adorn Your Market Stalls Better?

Artificial grass can create mind blowing spaces if used innovatively. These can be twisted and turned and used in all sorts of ways – it is the flexibility that endows them with versatility. Take advantage of these USPs of artificial grass, and tweak them to add pizzazz to your market stall.

1. Enhancing Colour Theme: Green is serene, green is calming. Green has the versatility of blending in with any décor scheme you may be going for. Rustic wood, modern concrete, contemporary tiles, gleaming metal – you can pair grass with anything, and it would create a charisma. Even for a high value product display, lush green of fake grass creates a plush backdrop.

2. Mini Natural Garden: Going green is the modern-day mantra – make the most of it! Turn your store into a mini garden! Get some natural or artificial, tiny yet attractive herbs for display, lay the artificial grass on the floor – and voila! you have an enchanting garden. If floor space is scarce, fake grass can be used to create vertical garden as well. Blend in your product display with this theme – and you shall have many admirers thronging your stall.

3. Stunning Signage: Fake grass can be charmingly used in creating the best name boards ever. Get your brand signage created with fake grass or create a one with it on the background -- magic works both ways. Add LED lights to create a stunning focal point out of your brand-name. Well, we all like and want to highlight our brands, isn’t it?

4. Fabulous Floors: We all love carpets in our shops, and each one of us desires to have the best looking one. Artificial grass can make a magnificent carpet in your market stall, making it look pretty welcoming and cool. Your customers would love to step on a carpet of greenery and feel at home in its cosy comfort. Once they enjoy being in your store, they shall spend more time browsing and buying your stuff.

5. Fantastic Furniture: Versatility of modern-day artificial grass allows you to cut it in any shape, and simply glue or sew – and voila! you can create anything you want. So, now you can consider adding some green plushness to your store furniture. Imagine wrapping up cushions and beanbags in artificial grass! Or envisage that garden bench enveloped in fake grass at the entrance to your store – it would not only offer comfortable seating to tired shoppers, but also create an interest amongst passers-by, who would then feel compelled to peep in.

Modern artificial grass is both tough and long lasting. So you don’t have to worry about its maintenance and repair. Just install them once in whatever best way you like, and enjoy the beautiful interiors of your stall. Crowd of customers and overwhelming sales are bound to follow.


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