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Things to avoid while hiring a sign company for your business

Every business, no matter how small or large it is, requires a signage provider. Due to the increasing competition

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Every business, no matter how small or large it is, requires a signage provider. Due to the increasing competition, it is challenging to find a good sign company that uses advanced technology. Remember that you are investing a significant amount for the signage, and hence, we suggest you be conscious and patient while doing the research. So, here are a few things to avoid during the hiring process.

1. Not Checking the Experience and Expertise of the Company

Often, business owners go for cheap packages and overlook the important aspects of the signage provider such as years of experience in the industry, expertise of the staff, the efficiency of the services offered and much more. They end up making a rough choice by hiring a random company or a signage provider that offers cheap rates.

2. Not Checking the Status in the Signage Industry

This is an extension to the previous point. If a sign provider is active, then it will hold membership in the industry. This proves the credibility and dedication of the provider towards the signage business. Also, you seek an idea of whether the said company is well-versed with the updated trends and patterns. If it is active, then it can take new projects and provide unique results for your signage requirements. So, not checking the status is a bad sign for your business.

3. Not Checking whether the Signage Company Uses Advanced Technology

The signage provider should work as per your requirements. For instance, if you want artwork or an architectural sign requirement, then you should check whether your sign provider has expertise in it or not. If your sign partner cannot manage laser cutting jobs, digital printing and other specs, then it is a red flag. Always research the technologies and practices used by the signage company before allocating your project to the same.

4. Not Checking References

If your business friend or acquaintance has got the signage work done, then you ought to ask for suitable recommendations. If you do not have such references, then you can check the work done by the signage company in the past. You can check the reviews online, or check the signs in Adelaide done by the provider.

5. Not Communicating with the Team and the Concerned Person Properly

You have to check whether the sign company can work as per your flexible needs, and cater to your business dynamics. You should be able to communicate your needs freely and clearly, and also the company staff must be acceptable to your specs.

If you are not communicated on a timely basis, then the company will not provide you with results within timelines. Also, if you lack in conveying your specs, then your signage might look different from what you were expecting.

6. Not Checking whether the Company Is Comfortable or Not

If they are not willing to work as per your requirements, then there is no point in working with them. Check beforehand whether the company staff is receptive of your plans and innovative enough to suggest out-of-box ideas for your project. A professional sign provider will provide value-added services to their clients, and within the specified timelines.

In case the signage company has a fixed mindset in creating designs, then perhaps they won’t be able to offer you something creative. So, a prior discussion is essential. Also, check the previous work of that company to understand the variety of signs and designs it has offered earlier.

Briefly, if you are vigilant enough of not avoiding the above mistakes, then you will find a suitable signage provider as per your business requirements.


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