Evolution of Digital Media

How Vocal can make money for a writer is part of the evolution of digital media technology.

Evolution of Digital Media

People essentially want to know how they can use the internet to make money, gain fame and influence, or just have their voice heard. The entire evolution of digital media and every advance in technology has been met with the same questions at ever-increasing intensity. Sociologically, every new digital platform is viewed through that lens.

How can I have my voice heard on the internet?How can I make money on the internet? How can I scale the money I can make on the internet?

The creators of Instagram did not set out to build a platform from which influencers could profit by selling space on their accounts’ feeds to brands that want to associate with them as influencers. In fact, Instagram has never provided a single tool to facilitate that process. It was the platforms’ users that worked to figure out how to monetize it, not the creators (unless, of course, it was for the creators to make money).

Building a Platform in Partnership with Our Writers.

I believe that fundamentally, similar to the Instagram example, corporate forces and legacy tech architectures embedded in the internet do not necessarily advocate for a free capitalistically driven internet. It is not a particularly even playing field in the race to internet fame. But it is also very early in the transition from analog to digital, and advances are coming at an exponential pace.

Vocal.media is a disruptive concept. We approached building a publishing platform and a social community from the point of partnering with the general public—with individuals—thereby eliminating conflict on revenues?

There is a marginal chance that the average single individual, alone on a blog site, will ever create fair monetary compensation in exchange for content creation. Even if one figures out how to make money this way, the odds of being able to scale an opportunity are remote because the deck is stacked against the individual entrepreneur, small brand, or amateur promoter—remember the Instagram example.

Don't Buy Lottery Tickets. Publish Content. Better Odds.

People often wonder:

If the odds are so slim of achieving monetary success and having your voice heard on the internet, why do so many people continue to chase an unrealistic probability?

Las Vegas, the stock market, and scratch off lottery tickets may provide some insight, but the truth is that people need a forum to exercise their passion and creativity far more than they do the lottery. By publishing to Vocal.media, an environment where creators own a piece of the upside inherent in their creativity, a writer can own an infinite amount of lottery tickets embedded in the success of their content.

Invest in your content. Be smart about your content. Follow the digital media evolution and explore Vocal today.

Jeremy Frommer
Jeremy Frommer
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