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Don't just Read on Vocal, Share!

by Carol Townend 3 days ago in advice

Sharing is caring!

Don't just Read on Vocal, Share!
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We have all done this, read an article on vocal and hearted it without sharing. Now, before I start, I don't expect you to share every single article you read on here because there are thousands, and that would take up all your time! However, when in Vocal lounge on Facebook, we read a post then often, we post one in return. However, often on our own profiles on social media, we often share our own and forget everyone elses.

I spend more of my time reading on Vocal when I can't think of anything to write about or I have a day where there is nothing to do. If the admin were to count the amount I have read over the last two weeks, they would be shocked (However, Vocal, I must say my stats do not do any credit to the amount I read on here!!). When I read a post that I find interesting, even if only a little, I hit share because I know by sharing it, others can read it and that does credit to the author of the article. Like I said before, I don't share everything but I do heart the majority of articles I read (I guarantee, you'll have more hearts than me!). I also share a tip every now and then, even though I don't get or expect many tips myself.

Your probably thinking at this point "but I do share, if I like it!" However stop right there and think about this for a second. We are all creators on this site, some of us who are professionals and experience in the writing field, some of us who have who have jobs and have more expertise in our subject, some of us who are very established writers ourselves, and some who are creating content for fun and learning about writing and have little experience than you do. Of course, constructive criticism can be good sometimes, however, even though that piece you read might be badly written (some of mine are!), and even though that author might not have written as well as you or been as descriptive, and also even if you have very little interest in the subject, sharing in the creators lounge, on your own profile and on other social media may just give that author a fantastic confidence boost. Do you remember when you first started on Vocal? I remember how I felt writing here for the first time, my writing wasn't brilliant, I felt it was sometimes really bad, and my work was barely seen. Today, it isn't as widely read as a lot of others here, and most of my earnings came from the $50 dollars I got a few weeks back for publishing 50 articles and a few small tips, of which I was very greatful to the tippers and to Vocal for, because I don't necessarily write for cash, I write mostly because I want to, but like the majority of all of you out there, there are times when I do like cash, particularly as neither me or my partner are able to work in any other job away from the computer any more, and because cash from my articles enables me to buy things I use to write with, and because on here we can earn, and tell me anyone on this platform who has never beamed when they have seen their vocal accounts full of money?

There are some writers who struggle to get their pieces read, and its not always because they are bad writers, most of the articles on here are pretty amazing, often its because we are limited in where we can share. You read about the many sharing tools on here that people have used to get their work seen, but most of these tools prefer people who also work in a business other than a platform. I have tried Scoop it! however, I barely get a read or share myself on there, and I can't afford just to upgrade all the time just to share my work, though I do use my blog, linked-in and word-press. I also use Flipboard and Mix. However, some times in the world of media it is hard to get noticed, because people on social media often prefer business posts and things not in my range of writing. I am establishing as a book-writer which is and now due to circumstances will be my only career, and there will be many others in my position using this platform.

I share people's work a lot on here, because I know sharing helps them to get seen. I said in a previous article, I don't primarily write on the platform for cash, but some times it is nice to see others sharing my work as much as I love sharing yours. I'm sure many Vocal members will agree they love seeing their work shared. It gives confidence to all Vocal members and not just top writers of whose work I also share whenever I can.

Sharing is caring, but sharing shouldn't be just about your own work. Sharing someone elses work is like praising them for trying, even if it isn't like your work. Think about it, how many times have you written a piece, then thought "Oh! This isn't as good as it sounds." only to find others have, in fact shared your piece, not just in the vocal lounge, but on their own face book pages or other sites? It's a good feeling isn't it. Also remember critique, constructive criticism is not judgemental or harsh, judgemental and harsh criticism can make a writer feel less confident. Constructive criticism could be something like this:

"Your work is good, but maybe you could add some more descriptive pieces that would make it more interesting, or maybe you could spruce up the imagery or emotion in your story which would make it stand out more."

Constructive criticism is meant to help people in their writing journey. Pulling an entire piece apart and telling the author it is all bad, will make the author believe they can't write, and on Vocal, we are all about encouraging people to write. I see it as a 'learning platform.'

I hope you enjoyed this work. If so, please share, tip or heart, I'd appreciate it lots.

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Carol Townend
Carol Townend
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