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Into the delusion

By Sumayya Sharmin Published about a month ago 3 min read
Photo by A. L. on Unsplash

The horizon gleamed with pastel clouds brushing some gentle strokes through the uranian canvas. The sun looked tired with its illumination dimming down, tired of scattering its luminescence throughout the sphere only to get condemned in return. Hence that Ochre orb scattered an auburn hue of sorrow making the sky mourn with salmon splashing through the mauve surface.

She wondered if that scorching pumpkin orb resting over the setting surface held the same melancholy as hers.

Even tho the QAMAR is just a mere echo of the SHAMS, SHAMS is never loved as much.

That Pumpkin orb had a lustre of it's own...

Did she even have any ounce of effulgence in her?

She wondered...

Diving into the fancy.

One day she would.


Weight- 55... Ivory visage, glass skin, smooth like honey. Wearing a long, beige, semi-pencil skirt and a coffee sweater tucked in, secured with a vintage belt, a beige blazer hanging over her shoulders, A chiffon coffee hijab securing her beauty from the hungry predatory world, black shades, minimal makeup with brown lipliner and some cherry lipgloss adoring her rusty lips, a Rolex watch, some pearl rings, platinum chains, a Gucci handbag, black Valentino boots, coming out of the Rolls Royce bought from her own hard-working money and asking her assistant about her schedule with a gentle and warm smile.

The corner of those rusty lips couldn't help but turn upwards forming into a dreamy grin glistening through the auburn hue of the setting sun.

Oh, how about that one!!!

That thing she thought about that other day!

That scenario was legit tho!

Oh yeah, she remembers!

The thunders soared with violence alongside the Porsche speeding through the highways, engine purring their anger out over the busy road, saturated with the downpour of mid-October.

While using the oversteer to take drastic turns, the greasy texture seemed to hold no hurdles for the tyres. Letting down the window, she let the drizzling gust blow over her beige visage playing with her mahogany chiffon hijab that appeared similar to the dried bloodstain under the shadowy nimbostratus. The thunderbolt exposed her chestnut eyes gleaming with amusement resembling a Siren.

Her rusty lips grinned tasting the freedom she forever wished for.

Did she forget some details?

Oh yeah!!!

The bodyguards.

30 hulky security guards, three-piece suits, Bluetooth earphones, and walkie-talkies, with their respective patrol cars guarding the ends of the road to protect their QUEEN.


That's wayyyy out of the line.

Never mind, it's cool.

She giggled unknowingly but soon interrupted feeling the thud over her skull making her wince once she looked up.


"What, What?" She countered with visible annoyance washing over as she felt interrupted in between the process of building her desired Castles in the air.

"It's gonna be maghrib soon you idiot, come inside." The other one ordered making her eyebrows squint in visible annoyance.

One thing she despised the most and that's her being disrespected by everyone. Treating her as if she isn't valued. She hoped, one day she would.

Her mind ran through the rainbow clouds while her eyes gleamed with the distant coral rays.

Everyone was adorned in their best attire as if preparing themselves to welcome an illustrious individual.

Faint whispers here and there.

Some exalting her, some with terror, and some with the feeling of guilt gusting over them

The click-clack of her Valentino boots echoed throughout the corridors making everyone present there hold their breath. Followed by her bulky bodyguards in three pieces, she entered the gala filled with individuals who looked down upon her since she remembers.

The ones that dared to disrespect, couldn't meet her eyes... And for some, their eyes gleamed with warmth feeling proud of the prominent being that stood before them.

Her rusty lips curled up, eyes creasent, forming into a gust of warmth gushing off her tender being.

Oh how she wished...

She wondered... What would she do first?

That one beggar she watches everyday in front her uni, striving for his livelihood... She would gift him a tea stall.

Would provide groceries for those in need?

Oh how she wishes.

Her chestnut eyes shining, illustrating the cosmos twinkling as diamonds through the sapphire canvas. The creasent lamp peeking through the graphite clouds witnessed her liberty. Mushy greeneries brushed gentle strokes through her back as she laid their aimlessly, Eyes closed, silk fabric adorned, hair spread throughout, mind reluctant of any corruption of worries, zephyr adored her tender skin, hidden from the hungry predatory eyes, a place where no one could see her.

Peace and tranquility.

A sigh left her rusty lips...

The Adhan hit her eardrums disrupting her delusions.

One day she would...

Wouldn't she?

She skipped inside humming some random melody...

Along the way her heart faintly whispered,

"Will study with my best self."

PS. She didn't state WHEN she will study.

[Author's note: Shams - Sun , Qamar - Moon]

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  • Chériabout a month ago

    This- oh my god the ending was so unexpected 😭 And the vibe? Rich classy lady 😭

Sumayya Sharmin Written by Sumayya Sharmin

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