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D’ont , d’ont , d’ont ….. Cause It Will Brings All to An End

To the Malevolent Evil Presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

By EstalontechPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read

Why Evil, Both are Killers, Leaders of the Worst Killing Machine, Including the West’s President and the EU and NATO’s Group of Elected Leaders. Russia President is the Worst to start the war , ...........while Ukraine President has as quoted by a famous artise : He is of doubling back on his 2019 election campaign promises and said, without shown proof, that “the forces of extreme nationalism that had lurked, malevolent, in the shadows , have, since then, ruled the Ukraine.”

Ukraine is furious with Putin and they wants vengeance, but Putin is unable to retaliate since he needs Ukraine to sign a peace pact. Ukraine pissed offed Putin as they want revenge , and Putin Just Want to Kick Zelensky’s ass ,but is Not allowed to do so as he needs him to sign off a peaceful agreement

Many War strategists believe Russia’s will fired a tactical nuclear strike against Ukraine but from what we see, it is likely to have made little to no difference in the fight.- as Its a Holds No Barred Event

When that happen , Moscow celebrates, as Ukraine joins the ranks of global martyrdom. Glory to the former Soviet Union! The End is Here

Approximately thirty minutes, give or take, the world will end due to the actions of the United States president and all NATO members, as well as the two evil presidents who pumped up the hostilities to the point of no return.

Whom and Which Family do they look after? Russia family, Ukrainian family as its president enjoys vogueing in magazines and celebrating, or France, UK, any NATO member and or their family, NONE,,,NONE.All of these leaders have No flashback for what happened in Japan before ! Its only to get EVEN and to save Face

Once the nuclear button is pressed, all these leaders lose control.Every single one will piss in their pants

Obviously, the leaders are the Ones who pose a Worldwide threat. (Not the soldiers nor the immigrant citizens nor those recovering from injuries in hospital's bed)

A large nuclear carrier group is now underway, accompanied by dozens of naval support vessels or destroyers . Russia has breached its own nuclear doctrine and is now an independent nuclear power, likewise they are all armed

The United States, the United Kingdom, and France are en route to encircle the country, and this will occur very quickly. Once Defcon 1 is reached, reinforcements will arrive hourly.

Aegis systems will build a perimeter barrier around Russia. Massive quantities of Tomahawk missiles will be launched simultaneously without prior warning in order to destroy all critical communications and radar stations…strategist are asking does it matter ?

It will be a No Hold Barred event as they will release in staggered programme shootout, and Russia has 1000 warheads

The button has been activated. It starts.

As cannon fodder, hundreds of F-series fighter jet , and NATO fighters arrive, along with hundreds or thousands of cruise missiles. As the long-range radars are gone and there is just too much ordnance to aim, the sky is wiped clear with minimal casualties. Bombers are preparing to destroy Kaliningrad, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. But even when they flew in, another 330 Nuclear would have been already on its way to all the U.S military installation, and this time Russia , may divert and add additional package direct to all the leaders residence around Europe or even more

Tridents are now mere minutes away, and if NATO so much as hears the ignition of an ICBM, suddenly ,they felt is too late,.!! They start thinking of their Loved Ones, but before they could hide in the fortified underground installation, shots rang out , some of the leaders collapsed, civilians and rioters ramp their office and shootouts will heard everywhere in every city

All Russian subs that are being pursued are quickly torpedoed. Slow-climbing ICBMs are sought by cruise missiles that loiter. Multiple automatic Aegis launches emanate from any of the 80+ ship guided missile armada stationed in every nook and corner outside of their territorial waters.

Once Russia employs nuclear weapons, does it matter who conducts the counteroffensive or whether the counter nuclear system will function?

How many nuclear missiles can be intercepted as the number increases from hundreds to thousands?

Yes, there will be some survivors, but this will not be a situation of mutually assured catastrophe.

Russia will be devastated, and BOTH of its two evil leaders in Russia and Ukraine will be eliminated.

The remainder of the globe continues to exist, albeit at least half of it has vanished, and I predict that the situation will worsen as RUSSIA is a fringe country, a lone wolf out for blood, and the world will end if they go nuclear.

The true killer will be the nuclear winter and subsequent fallout. However, few NATO members will have to be concerned about this. The United States is divided and will have its own civil war as well as another nuclear war with China or Iran if its balance is not restored.

Don’t Don’t Don’t, he exclaimed.

Why Don’t ? We Do Not Have Sufficient Resources to Defeat a Nuclear Enemy After the First Strike?

This occurs if Russia uses a tactical nuclear weapon.

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