Creative: Stop Procrastinating

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Giving Creativity the Value It Deserves

Creative: Stop Procrastinating
Maybe it's vanity, pride, or an issue of self-confidence, but as a creative sometimes the hardest thing is to actually create.

Maybe you are bursting with ideas big and small. There are kernels of ideas popping in your head. You prepare, thinking of different parts of it, you talk it through with such vitality, but then you go to make it and you stop in your tracks. You distract yourself. Excuses flood in, whether not having the right tools, needing to practice more, or it just not becoming that ideal vision of what you had abstractly in your mind.

Creativity is hard. It's hard because it comes from experience and expression. Making it, it's a piece of you. And, when you make something disingenuous, people tend to notice.

The internet, it creates a fishbowl viewing on everything you ever make that you post. And sometimes, it makes for no viewing at all, leaving you feeling like your creation must be bad, and in response, that you might be bad. Really though, maybe it just has the wrong keywords and the wrong time, so literally no one can find it. But still, even with all the logic in the world, it hurts.

I've planned things for over ten years just to run into a mental block each time I go to pursue it. I've planned something ad nauseum just to throw it online without having given it the time it deserved to create it. Grand plans of all these creations, but I stand a vulnerable creative avoiding even creating it.

Here's the tea. Do it. Yeah, it might suck, yeah it might take every ounce of strength to even try and start. But, do it. You can't learn how to get better at something until you start doing it. You will never make whatever it is if you wait until you are ready. There is no perfect time. There is no perfect product.

Let's say you make it, and it sucks. Well, make more, then remake it later. In all honesty, people tend to not notice content that really flops. Okay, that really struck at my ego, but once I processed it, it's actually really freeing. Create what you are going to create. If it is genuine and something you believe in, it is worth the energy and worth doing now. Whether it is noticed or not, you need to keep creating. Sure, you can research what tags to do, or what times to post and that might help you. But, that should be your last step.

In the end, your life is about you living it. And, I am definitely a victim of not doing that. Even as I write this, my anxiety spikes thinking of all the projects I need to finish. I don't say need to shame myself, or to imply there is no option, but 'need' because even after all this time I'm still thinking about it, wondering if I'm ready. And no, I'm not. And no, I never will be.

Of course, each time I say you, it's honestly just me lecturing myself, which is much needed. But, I'm guessing, if you're a creative, there is something you are letting yourself get away with not doing out of fear, lack of confidence, shame, or some other hullabaloo.

So here are some tips for making that content you are (I am) procrastinating on:

1. Write it down.

Don't let it just float in the nebulous space of your mind. Make it concrete.

2. Put aside time.

Sit down with your creative task. Schedule a time. Schedule multiple times. Sit there and dedicate that ten minutes, or hour to making yourself start. Whether you use what you made in that time or not, whether you just stare at a blank page that whole time, designate times.

3. Break it down.

Reduce the intimidation. Make it manageable for yourself. Let yourself get involved and enjoy every step with less stress of how you're gonna do the next step.

4. Take it seriously.

Whether you need to paint it as 'me time,' or a very long term goal, you need to believe it is worth doing. You are worth that time. Even if it seems like some creative fluff, respect it has value for you. Let it have that value.

5. Hold yourself to it.

Write down a plan of attack. Create a reward system. Figure out personal intensives. Yes, it is still meant to be fun and creative. If you're anything like me, you actually avoid good things for yourself. Let it be a solid goal. Be excited when you manage your goals for it.

6. Have fun.

Putting too many expectation of what you want your creative project is not going to help you. Trying to make it like someone else's content isn't going to help you. Be your own personal creative, let yourself play with it.

7. Let it be good enough.

Don't beat yourself up if something doesn't turn out exactly how you wanted it to. Did you enjoy making it? That can be enough. And, you can always get better. Be proud you did it. Be proud you continue to create.


I hope this might have helped you even a little. Thank you if you took the time to read it. I am off to stare at a white piece of paper for a designated amount of time.

Cheers to all you procrastinating artists,

'Toto' (Aleksina Teto)
'Toto' (Aleksina Teto)
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