'Toto' (Aleksina Teto)

A Canadian designer, writer, typographer, and artist.

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Divorce Your Old Art
4 days ago
Tons of time is spent on a piece, maybe you're feeling proud, maybe you're feeling done with it and want to get feedback. You put it onto your social media. You wait, ready to receive likes and feedba...
Creative: Stop Procrastinating
11 days ago
Maybe it's vanity, pride, or an issue of self-confidence, but as a creative sometimes the hardest thing is to actually create. Maybe you are bursting with ideas big and small. There are kernels of ide...
Why Would I Join Inktober?
16 days ago
Just two days now until it happens.Excited? Yes. Extremely anxious? Yes It's Inktober time again! For two years now I've participated in Inktober, I even wrote a post about it last year on whether it ...
Beginner's Guide: Deepening Creativity and Skill - Part 3
a month ago
Between here and on Twitter, I've become this broken record of saying to believe in yourself as an artist, letting yourself have ups and downs, and finding creativity. But, I'm creating very little fi...
Dealing with Trauma
a month ago
Affecting people in numerous ways, a traumatic event can highlight all mental flaws that might have been easing into your life and leave you incapacitated. It packs you full of emotions, so your norma...
Should You Be Selling Art?
2 months ago
Before taking the leap to sell my art at the local Comic Con this year, I asked myselfIs my art good enough? Would anyone want original content? Will only fan art sell? What would I even sell? First o...