'Toto' (Aleksina Teto)

A Canadian designer, writer, typographer, and artist.

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Can an Artist Enjoy Web Development?
a month ago
If you are reading this, my purpose of this article is for people like the 18-year-old me who felt lost, looking for a career in a creative field.
Rekindle Creativity
a month ago
Recently, the white page has been winning. Sitting down to create, I get distracted by Netflix, my phone, video games, eating, staring at a ceiling chanting... it's been bad. I managed to convince mys...
Being Creatively Consistent
a month ago
Consistency. Creativity. Expansion. Authenticity. You might have heard this preached ad nauseum, to be successful online, you need to be consistent and genuine. You need a schedule. You need to be you...
No Resolutions for the New Year
2 months ago
New year, new you, new expectations of who you should be. With each year, it is so tempting to make resolutions and promises to yourself of the person you want to become in the coming year. There is a...
That's Enough Critique Already
2 months ago
Music blaring in my ears, I glare at my painting as I work it to death. How dare it not be perfect! Going back to my post two weeks ago, I've really gotten caught on the idea of judgment, especially c...
How to Be a Creative in 2019
2 months ago
Online is becoming the place to be to find work, but it's becoming so intimidating!How do I approach being a creative online? How can I actually make money? Where do I start? Seeing so many people fin...