Create Content That Pleases Your Audience

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How to Use Your Analytics to Create Engaging Content

Create Content That Pleases Your Audience

For so many small businesses, maintaining a social media platform and populating it with engaging content can be difficult. Even for agencies maintaining the social channels for SME's, creating fresh campaigns can be a challenge whilst trying to maintain the expectations of the client.

A solution to this is creating content that your audience already likes, or at least works for you, is to utilize your analytics.

Social media platforms are tools, listen to what they are telling you every time you use them.

If Facebook was a hammer, and every post you publish is you hitting an object with that hammer, if nothing happens on the first hit, perhaps you hit again, however, if on the third hit you get the same result, you would surely then look at what you're hitting or what you're hitting with to ensure it's working, right? So do that with social media, your social analytics are telling you why your post isn't doing anything every time you swing and hit.

Begin by studying your top-performing posts and try recreating them; it's that simple. Great artists create, amazing artists steal, and artists with the most amount of response, money, and reach... do the same style of painting over and over again.

Here's how to find your top posts with the native analytics in Facebook, and Instagram.


One way to find your top-performing Facebook posts is to go to your Page Insights > Posts and manually look for posts with high reach or engagement.

Do you rock the Pages mobile app to keep track of your Facebook Page? Use the Watch feature in the "overview" tab, that shows you the top performing posts of the past week.


If you have your business operating on Instagram, then I hope you already have a business account. Instagram makes it super easy for you to have multiple accounts and control them all from one device, take full use of this.

If you do not have a business account, you've been missing out on some serious data from the Insights Tab.

In your business account, at the top of your profile, you'll notice an analytics icon, tap it. Then under the "Posts" section hit "see more"... and boom, we're in business. In here you can find all your top posts sorted in order of the most impressions. You can change this to show the order by engagement or reach, and you can even adjust the time period.

Heres a sneak peak at one of my accounts.

Using the data above you can see clearly which content has the greatest ROI for your time. With this information you can then create more content that you know has already worked for you.


Twitter analytics have become more and more power as the system develops, giving you data on impressions, interactions, and even posting times, allowing you to create the optimum post that will generate the most results.

Twitter analytics even allow you to see response per Tweet, giving you even more in-depth data as to what works and what doesn't. Using this information you can easily tweak future copy, scheduling times, and/or any visual aspect to your post, which should result in major graph spikes in your analytics.

Consistency is Key. Remember my article about creating a social media strategy? Using this method of analytics to create new pieces of content helps with that too, having similar content lets your audience recognise your brand more and makes them more likely to engage.

The best part of it all? Social media analytics are free. Before you create your next set of objectives or begin looking at your campaign strategy, take a look at your data and then conquer your content.

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