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Content Writer From Home: My Experience

by Naomi Morriston 3 years ago in career
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Here are thoughts and advice I have on being a freelance content writer and working from home.

Work From Home

I dedicated myself to article mills of full time work for approximately three months. Normally, I managed to make $400 per week (maybe not good, but I had been getting paid!) However, how can you get all these things into a single place without having an attachment? A site. I discovered that starting out writing for a number of content mills was a means to get fast cash, gain confidence, and also boost my general writing ability. Additionally, I got an insider's look into what freelance writing projects were similar to, and how to manage editors. Though my earnings were not enormous, the understanding I gained was well-worthwhile. You are able to initiate a freelance writing career with zero expertise. So can you.

Let us go ahead, and get this out of the way: you do not need writing expertise or a level to make it as an internet writer. What you do need is a desire to be successful and real passion for composing. If you do not have these two traits, then that probably is not the ideal online career for you. As a result of WordPress, everyone can find their website up and running in under an hour (even without any expertise!). All you will need is a domain, a host supplier, and a good theme. You will find quite a couple of job boards and market sites that frequently post freelance writing projects online for novices. Once I utilized freelance marketplaces for at least a year to make a full-time income for a writer, I started to wonder what else was out there (also it got stale paying all the charges!). So I started exploring methods to discover customers on my own. Like I said, I had no professional expertise composing. I knew I needed to become a writer, and understood the internet landscape was full of opportunities. However, while you've got no clue where to begin, you may become overwhelmed with the tools. Do not forget to check out Elna Cain's Write Your Way for Your $1K, a class specially constructed for new freelance authors with zero expertise. In only seven weeks, it is possible to learn all you need to begin a profitable freelance writing career, and make your initial $1,000—no level or expertise required. She explained she loved my cover letter, resume, and work samples, but indicated I should place them together rather than sending them as five distinct attachments (most customers will favor you not embarrass them using multiple email attachments!). When you do great work, you will observe that the amount of referrals you get from happy customers is sufficient to keep you with loads of work (the majority of the time!). You do not, and in all probability, you might discover that you strongly prefer one customer over others. Does that mean it is far better than others? Absolutely not. It merely means your distinctive work style and tastes makes it the ideal match for you. And, if you are like me, you are going to use a mix of tools to piece together an income in different phases of your career. During times of famine, I switch to freelance marketplaces and article mills to produce additional cash.

You are going to need to advertise yourself like mad so as to get customers to come to you. In the last few decades, social websites have made this a lot simpler. With the ideal tweet or article, you are able to capture customers' attention, and make them seek your services out (remember to maintain your profiles). A material mill is a crowdsourced composing platform. Clients visit them, place their writing assignments, and also the material mill makes them accessible to your pool of authors. The customer pays the material mill, as well as the material mill pays the author a percent (basically the material mill is the middleman between customer and author). I understood that freelance writing projects were a valid (and even rewarding) way to make money on the web. Bear in mind, there is no wrong or right way to initiate a freelance writing career. Success does not come overnight (or perhaps in a couple of years!). There is no wrong or right answer, or place to locate freelance writing jobs on the internet for novices. I signed up for a few of these, and began earning money that exact same week. Now, do not get me wrong, I was not making good money, but I had been earning money as a freelance author (which, once you're just beginning, can work wonders for your confidence). Yep.

But most salespeople fill their profile with advice only about themselves, and don't mention what they can do for your customer. Even though you might have some outstanding credentials, in the conclusion of the day, the customer wishes to understand what you're going to perform for them. What I found really opened my eyes up to the potential for discovering writing gigs with no market: the sheer quantity of blogging, post writing, copywriting, and ghostwriting jobs accessible was astonishing! I had less than two decades of professional experience under my belt, but thanks to numerous missions that gave me a byline, I managed to collect a nice portfolio to show customers. So as soon as you're all set to begin finding freelance writing projects right, I can not recommend enough obtaining your own site all together. But keep in mind, when freelance writing (newcomer or not) you will find work comes at a continuous cycle of feast or famine. When you are in a country of feast, you will be turning down jobs just to find zero effort coming your way the next week. I switched to Freelance Marketplaces following my three-month stint as a content mill author. I put up accounts on many of these, and anticipated assignments to begin coming my way. Nevertheless, they did not. After submitting as many suggestions as I could, I understood that my profile was responsible for my lack of effort. One little tweak to my profile, as well as the pitches I've shipped out, had a massive effect on the amount of missions I had been provided: I had absolutely zero professional writing expertise. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

On the Lookout for more? There are a slew of sites that use freelance authors. Following is a list of websites—a great jumping off point when you are just beginning. You might even have a look at this article for solid advice on finding a steady flow of freelance jobs. When you have actually gained your footing as a writer, it is possible to take your individual site and run with it (the sky is really the limit!). And I discovered that authors are extremely enthusiastic about the topic of locating online work. I worked with a nifty doorbell camera for a few years. Some swear by article mills and others despise them. Some just use freelance marketplaces, while some will not go anywhere near systems such as Upwork. Other people turn to internet job boards and writing resource websites for job prospects. With sheer determination and a love of writing, you are able to begin as a freelance author as a result of the amount of internet resources out there. In fact, there are thousands of freelance writing projects on the internet for novices on a variety of freelance marketplaces. Clients visit these websites, post their homework, and salespeople submit their bids and suggestions. The customer selects who they want to utilize according to the pitches they get.

Five decades ago, I declared to my friends and loved ones I was quitting my decent-paying occupation for an uncertain future as an independent author. My choice raised more than a couple of eyebrows. Why? I heard a lot. Failed a couple of times. Even chose a two-year hiatus. But in the long run, I've returned to freelance writing since, for one, it is exactly what I really like to perform, and two, there is never a lack of freelance writing projects on line (even for novices!). And that brings us into the present. I have started this site. I have a few e-books from the functions (a superb source of passive income!). I have shared my trip to demonstrate that with zero expertise, a freelance writing career is possible and achievable!


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