Chill Summer Jobs for Students to Consider This Summer

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Summer jobs are a great way for students to save up for college and pay for school!

Chill Summer Jobs for Students to Consider This Summer

Finding the best chill student jobs for the summer

During the summer months, every student is looking for, or would love to take in, some extra cash. That being said, there are many opportunities awaiting the eager student who either wants a part-time gig or something full time to put money in their pocket. You have to be resourceful when using the internet for your job search. Further, you will need to scale it down to your skills and talents. Many want something that is not too much of a headache, but can give you some good cash to have some fun. Here are some of the best chill student jobs you can try for the Summer.

Yard work

There is no doubt that many homeowners dread mowing their lawns or pulling weeds. It's just not something many adults look forward too when they can have an eager younger person handle the job. Many students simply walk their neighborhood with yard tools asking homeowners if they can mow their lawn or take care of their yard needs. One can easily rack up a few hundred dollars in one day going from house to house. Further, you have a lot of lawn maintenance companies that would love the extra help with their clients during the summer as well. Doing yard work like trimming trees, bringing all of it to the dump, and helping manicure the lawn has long been a favorite for student jobs. For one, they get a great tan in the process, and certainly can get their exercise. Depending on how big the yard is, you can really bring the dough in for your job. If you live in a neighborhood of large luxury homes, you can score a seriously big pay day for your efforts cleaning up these neighbors yards.


Many students are great at swimming and can use those skills to be a lifeguard at their neighborhood pools or nearby recreation centers. It's a job of leisure and takes some good swimming skills. Many local pools are looking for healthy students who have the skills necessary, or can at least go through some training. Being a lifeguard can be very rewarding, especially if you find yourself saving a life. You will need to be alert at all times and behave in a professional manner. The shifts can be a bit long, but the money certainly will be worth it.

Delivery person

A delivery job can either be on a bike, scooter, or an electric scooter. These jobs can pay very well depending on how many orders you take within a day and add up your tips. You have a lot of companies that seek independent contractors to deliver their food or products. For students, it's a great way to meet people, have responsibility, and make some good money. Delivery of food can either be within a certain location or further out within your community. This is a great job for any student who knows all of the streets in their neighborhood. That alone can be impressive to their bosses, as they don't have to worry about you getting lost and messing up the sale.

Every student looks for some kind of chill job where they can make some extra cash. It's a common thing when the summer months roll around and you want that additional money to attend a concert or an event. Having some extra cash allows you to enjoy the summer months and possibly save in the process. Lawn care is one of the top things a student can do to rack in some good dough. Alternatively, acting as a lifeguard for your local community pool is also a great option. If you have great swimming abilities, then this is one job you can excel at. Lastly, a delivery job can get you out and about locally as you either deliver food or products. You can make great tips that you can use to pay for your summer adventures.

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