Bring Traffic to Your Blog in These Simple Yet Effective Ways

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Bring Traffic to Your Blog in These Simple Yet Effective Ways
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You have a blog. You have it all set up, it's all pretty and nice and all things good and nice. Now, you're making posts, and you're so proud because now you're realising that you have potential and it's all going to take off soon. As soon as you press that publish button—you are certain, absolutely positive—people are gonna come in bundles. And your stats? Oh they are going to blow the roof!

Or, are they?

See, I've been there because I was probably as excited, or even more excited, than you if you're starting out your first blog. It is tough, bear in mind that I started like two weeks ago. Now, I also have to mention that I am not a certified blogger and none of my words should be taken for granted. In fact, I'm lucky if I get 20 views sometimes but I am figuring this out. Don't doubt me.

You can trust the following words though, as the information I have gathered has been taken from experts. Well, I say experts, but let's just say I did all the hard work for you as I gathered all the information on the first google page of "how to drive traffic to your blog." I was actually researching this for personal use, but seeing as sharing is caring...

I am not entirely useless, I promise.

Write, write, write...

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You have to keep being creative and have more and more and more content, constantly. If you keep up to date with your blog then you will get more views as the Google search algorithm favours newer posts and if you invest in applying time into writing more articles, then you will be more likely to get more traffic.


Promote your posts on your social media.

This one—self explanatory to the core.

You want to get all the hits you can get, so to do that, you need to share within your inner circle. Ask your real friends to share your posts to their friends! You'll be networking and making your blog more well known.

You can also create a separate account for your blog on Instagram or twitter, these are the ones I think are more interactive. By doing this, you can use hashtags to promote your recent posts and to be honest, just put the most hashtags that are relevant.

Do this until you get a good amount of followers though, if you keep it up your followers will get annoyed probably.

Be engaging.

Nobody really likes a blogger who feels they are better than anyone else. I suggest following people's blogs, ask questions, communicate, give feedback, just do something nice. By networking this way, you are going to get yourself blogger friends, who, in my opinion, are the source for your development as a blogger. I mean, you can share ideas, even create together—this will allow you to get more audience and in this equation that equals... hmmm... More traffic.

Even if you don't want to add to your blog traffic, this will be an ideal way to make friends. As I mentioned in my last article on "How to Stay Creative," one of the tips I gave was having like minded friends.


Whoa, block capitals, calm down.


Titles are very important. I will say it again. Titles are very important. They are the first thing your audience sees, the absolute decider on whether someone is going to click or swerve right away because you are boring. In other words, you need to intrigue and not repel.

Some of the most viewed titles are somewhat simple. For example, "How to...", "# ways to...", "Why..." and so on. As you can tell, relatable and tutorial posts do well. Take this information and you is as you wish...

Have a target audience.

This has been mentioned by numerous blog posts about this, and, it is the most common tip I have seen out there.

When you set up your blog and start googling on what you should post as your first blog post, you are always told, on every single article you read, that you should take into consideration what you want your blog to be about. To me, that was something that was out of the question due to me not knowing what I want to do with my blog (a problem that happens to me in my actual life because I don't know what to do with that either).

The pros of knowing your audience are great; you can aim your posts at certain people, who you hopefully know what they like, this will get you more hits, depending on your target audience. Most importantly, you will need to learn to narrow your language to that particular group and know what makes them read your post, or any for that matter.

Be yourself to your readers.

Share personal moments, be unique, and use your voice when you are writing. What I mean by that is, write things without too much thought at first. Be the most you that you can be in a place where... most people aren't really them. If you understand what I am getting at...

Being like this will make people more welcome and more engaging towards you. If you write like a human thesaurus or a robot, it instantly screams disconnection.

Add pictures!

Pictures make everything interesting and engaging. Don't @ me. It is a relevant tip.

Do something different.

Don't do things that everyone does and put your own twist on it. Use your own photos. Make your theme your own illustration of your personality.

Have interviewing blog posts where you might interview an influential blogger or anyone who would fir your audience's preferences.


Thanks so much for reading, if you enjoyed what you read please consider a small tip.

You can check out my blog... which I haven't yet posted on... but you can check it out nonetheless. Link is in my biooooooooooo. Thank you for reading again!

Jessica Nova
Jessica Nova
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