How to Stay Creative

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"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou

How to Stay Creative

Creativity is what makes the human mind. We are constantly finding new inspirations, be it on our way to work or school or even sitting in McDonald's, eating a big mac and staring out of the window. Finding that one thing that makes the connection spark is often something spontaneous. We forget that creativity is born from anything and everything and because of that we try too hard to find it, even when it's staring at us right in the face.

To me, being creative is a way to give a platform of my ideas. Vocal is my way of being literary creative, I am one of those people that just finds creativity in everything. I love art, writing, singing, acting... any form of creativity—I love. I was born that way, raised that way in fact. Although my mother leans onto the technical side and claims she has no ounce of creative thinking in her system, there is a creator in all of us. Why? Because I believe that as a creative, there was someone that taught me how to want to sing, to act, to draw, and to write. Creativity isn't just about being talented in something, it can be teaching someone and encouraging someone to be creative.

My ways of staying creative might help you, be it if you're suffering from a severe case of writer's block or you just cannot seem to get an idea for that next blank canvas...

Look at the world around you...

The world is your oyster. Cheesy. But no, seriously, there is so much to take in and distort in your own personal view. You can take a guy sitting on a bus and literally make a back story to him. Be curious. How do you think this guy got on the bus? Where is he going? What's he doing? YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH THIS INFORMATION.

You can also adopt this in other forms of creativity. Make a song about the guy. Why not? It ain't that creepy.

Or you can paint him... Actually... You've hit the creepy meter, okay. But you get the idea.

Take a break.

If you are seriously struggling, and you are absolutely positive that you have no, and I mean absolutely zero, none, zilch idea about anything creative and you feel like it's the end of the world and your brain just hurts because you know there's something there, really deep in there, and you just have to think reallyyyyyyyyy hard and you'll get right.


Take a break pleaseeeeee, by now your extremely loud thinking has woken up the neighbours. Please, stop. Take a break, have a KitKat, do some meditation, lie down, feed your dog, or cat, have some ice cream.

Just. Chill.

You really need to just space out and amuse yourself with something. It's more likely the inspo will come to you.

Write ideas down.

Keeping your ideas is always a good thing, even if it's not for ideas, lists are a good way of remembering a lot of things. If you have a thought or idea, put it down—you might forget it after a while and if you keep adding to your list you would never really run out... unless it's really bad and you somehow don't put anything on the list, ever.

Try something new...

You can get inspiration from experiences. Go horse riding or do something absolutely crazy, one; it will give you a ton of memories and two; you might get an opportunity to find an idea for a story, a view for a beautiful painting or even a relaxing atmosphere for you to work out a problem which need your creative thinking, nonetheless it's beneficial for you to do this, and making adventures is bound to keep your creative flare sparkling.

Get exercise.

I knowwwww... I hate it too but it's a necessity, it'll make your brain work better and because of that your creativity will flow better, you'll be more concentrated and focused, your creative juices will get juggled up and they'll be flowing... for sure.


Read. Read. Read.

This is major!! You need to be always mentally challenged, you gotta keep that brain busy and reading is the best way, in my opinion. reading is giving you a creative flow whilst you're doing something that helps you. It is also a good hobby for procrastination—the worst cause for not being creative.

Make creative friends.

This one really depends if you're an extrovert or and introvert because as an introvert, I personally don't really use this. NOT THAT I DON'T HAVE FRIENDS. I do. But, they are not the creative type, I like being a creative on my own—even if I do see some of the benefits of being with like-minded people—it isn't something that has worked with me as I work better by myself.

Working with friends can result in the sharing of different ideas and of course the potential of working with others. This links to networking and you and your friends could do something creative together that really works.

Be curious.

Always be the one to ask the question, "Why?"

It is not annoying... to some. You can really get creative by being more curious and always wondering, after all, adults are kids grown up...

Take classes.

You might want to improve yourself and maybe you feel like getting a qualification or a short class will help you in your creative field. Well, you can. You can go to university or college. I recommend going to FutureLearn, they have free courses and stuff and if you want a certificate or to get access to full courses, you can upgrade your programme at any time. However, I am not entirely sure if American's can access this site as I live in the UK... But be curious and tryyyyyyyyyyy it.


If you're a DIY queen wannabe like myself, then you know this site. It is like my bible for anything creative, honestly they have writing prompts and painting prompts and song writing stuff and oh my goodness... they have anything linked to anything creative.

You can also put your ideas down in a board!

And that's it!

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this, please consider a small tip—this tip will contribute to my savings for my high school leaver trip which will allow me to go abroad and make stories about my travels in Europe. Thanks guys!

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