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Both I and My Husband are Now Writers and Authors

It is exciting when you're married and writing together

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read
Both I and My Husband are Now Writers and Authors
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It's An Exciting Time For Both Of Us!

I started writing on Vocal a good many years back; then I started writing on Medium too. I started as an unconfident writer, but the more I did it, the more progress I made, and I have carried on writing ever since.

I was known for writing as a child, just as much as I was for reading. It started as a big hobby of mine, and now I decided to turn it into a career.

I write a lot of fiction, and I've worked out that is my main niche. I do write other things too, but I just can't help going back to fiction! I do this quite a bit, whether it's a steamy sex story written in the 'filthy' community, horror or just general fiction.

I've turned a few of my stories into books in the Kindle store on Amazon, and you can view them here

I'm also writing some stories for kindle that won't be on Vocal or Medium.

I guess I just love writing!

It might not appear as if I'm writing much on Vocal at the moment,

but believe me when I say I am!

I'm working hard on a brilliant and humorous children's story that adults and children alike will love. I'm not sharing details though, you'll have to wait and see!

My husband is also writing on Vocal and Medium. He is really enjoying it too!

I introduced my husband after he became ill with Covid-19 which left more disabilities, sadly leaving him in a position where he had to give up work.

Now! I can't stop him

This is not a bad thing. It is a good thing. We run a publication together as well as writing on Vocal.

Click here to view my husband's Vocal Profile.

My husband has also published a book which you can view here

The Best Things About Writing As Husband And Wife

There are many good things about writing together:

  • We can enjoy sharing story ideas together
  • We read each other's work and comment and complement each other
  • We engage and work as a team
  • We learn new things about writing from each other

My husband was already writing when we first met. However, due to illness and a busy lifestyle, he gave up. I remembered his work, and I commented on how good it was.

After Covid-19, my husband was ready to give up altogether. He felt there was no life after nursing for over 30 years. However, I suggested writing as I'd been doing it during those long hours while he was working away from home. Writing greatly improved my mental health, therefore I knew it would be good for him.

We both write fiction, and we both write on mental health. I also dabble in poetry once in a while, and we also write about life in general.

Writing has brought us both closer as a married couple. It has taught us both to open up about things, and we have discovered each other's creative side.

As writers, we have a lot more to talk about and we discuss some really interesting things together.

We started a publication over on Medium, and as well as publishing our own interesting content. We love reading and publishing other people's content whether Fiction, True Stories, Mental Health, LBGTBQ+ and Writing. In order to view our publication, click here

We both feel we are progressing as writers, and we are really expanding our horizons. We feel that there is nothing we can't achieve, and all this started right here on Vocal!

Vocal is more than just a platform where we earn money. Earning can take time on here, however:

Vocal is a platform where creators come together, whether amateurs or professional. It is a platform for more than just earning; Creators can explore, practice, grow and progress.

Did you find this story interesting? Would you like to find out about Vocal+ and join us in the fascinating world of writing? Maybe you are wondering how to get started with writing. If so, Vocal could be the place for you. Click here to find out how to get started!


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