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Big Companies That Millennials Want to Work For

The companies that millennials want to work for deal in tech and other forms of innovation.

By Carly OwensPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Most millennials are after more from their job hunt than just a fat paycheck. While being well compensated is nice (and appreciated), it isn't the determining factor when they decide to go after jobs. So, what are all these young people looking for?

For starters, a large percentage of young people are looking to make a difference where they work, and it consistently ranks higher than a big paycheck. The big three for millennials are growth opportunities, flexibility, and a sense of purpose. These are things the companies that millennials want to work for offer better than most, and see the most desired work destinations below.


Google is a monster, and being on the cutting edge of everything makes it one of the big companies millennials want to work for. Google brings a lot to the table millennials love, such as innovation and a sense of purpose. They have a world renown company culture and, despite being so large, offer plenty of growth opportunities because new positions are constantly being created.

A huge reason why so many young people want to work for powerful tech companies is the flexibility they offer, like being able to work from home a few days a week.


Microsoft has undergone some big changes over the last several years, and most have been to their companies benefit, helping make them one of the companies that millennials want to work for. Microsoft offers some of the best salaries anywhere, and their perks and benefits packages are things any working person would salivate over.

In addition, Microsoft has a large assortment of tech products, so the work can often be new and exciting. Teamwork and collaboration are being pushed by the new CEO Satya Nadella, and the culture has improved greatly since he took the helm.


Another one of the tech giants, Apple has long been one of the most sought after companies that millennials want to work for. While Apple is known to have an insane schedule and backbreaking hours, young people are willing to do it if they see they are building something great.

There is serious risk for burnout at Apple if an employee is only in it for the salary and the stock options. Apple is making some of the most innovative products in the world, and being able to make a difference give many of these millennials a strong desire to be a part of it.

Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company has its hands in a bunch of different media ventures, and the options help make it one of the best big companies that millennials want to work for. Disney is a enormous mass media conglomerate with tons of studios and assorted production ventures.

Working at Disney is sure to come with a nice salary, as well as great opportunities across a large and always expanding plane of music, movie, and television entities.


Amazon is a notoriously competitive place to work, and there have been several reports that it can even be harsh and cutthroat. Still, it is among the big companies that millennials want to work for because of the expansive opportunities that come with working for a place that has the size and scope of Amazon.

It's environment and work-life balance aren't too highly rated, but it seems everyone wants in on one of the world's most powerful companies.


Boeing is one of the most profitable companies in the entire world, and they produce airplanes, rockets, and satellites worldwide. Millennials worldwide are vying for positions at the innovative aerospace giant, with the career opportunities and growth potential most often cited.

All employees are fully vested right away, another great reason that it's among the big companies that millennials want work for.


Intel is an extremely large company, but that doesn't stop young people from wanting a high-powered gig there. It gives them a chance to work in various tech sectors and it's based out in sunny Silicon Valley.

Intel is one of the leading suppliers of chips in the world's most powerful and best-selling computers, in addition to making some of the most sought after processors. Like much of these large tech companies they work long hours at Intel, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the companies that millennials want to work for.


Caterpillar is a fortune 100 company that manufactures, designs, and develops a ton of machinery and financial products. They make lot's of high-powered job site equipment, and while it's not the sexiest of positions, it has been a sough after position for the millennial.

One thing they may be attracted to is the philanthropy, as making a difference is high up on most young peoples priority lists. They are leading member of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, a Washington based coalition of over 400 major companies and NGOs that are working on various projects around the underdeveloped world.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a powerful global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technologies company with serious worldwide interests. They employ almost 100,00 worldwide, and the major player on the global scale is among the big companies millennials want to work for.

This may also come down to the need to make an impact, as Lockheed Martin plays a major role keeping us and our allies safe throughout the world. They have a significant presence in Washington, as they employ one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the beltway.

The Government

Finally, whether it be the FBI or a VA hospital, increasingly young people are seeking to get involved in government. This goes back to the millennial need to make a difference and have a sense of purpose in their work.

However, the government doesn't exactly offer the flexibility and the perks of many of these high powered companies, but for many reasons it's among the big companies that millennials want to work for—even if it isn't actually a company. Also, the pay will likely not be as high, but that's something many seem willing to sacrifice.


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