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Biden Said Russia Will Rubble , Why Putin is Not Begging for Peace Talk Yet ?

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Russia is trying to extend the war into the coming winter .

Photo By Wikimedia Common - machine gun nest during the Winter War.jpg

To them, it seems that Ukraine has already been established with a foothold which gave them access to conduct a referendum and to create a possible New Border. 

But as NATO and Ukraine kept insisting for the small victory, it actually gave a wrong signal to Russia to hasten further contingencies. 

The purpose of the announced Kherson operation is to take advantage of the fact that the city of Kherson is situated on the east side of the main Ukrainian river, where the majority of the Russian forces are stationed, in contrast to the city's location on the west bank of the Dnipro. 

Therefore, it is not impossible to disconnect Kherson from the main body of the Russian Army and regain control of the city. However, moving further east would mean crossing the Dnipro River while coming under intense fire from Russian soldiers. And at this very moment, Ukraine is demolishing the bridges that span the Dnipro, making it much more difficult to get across the river .

Russia would suffer a major blow if Ukraine regained control of a major city, but the Kherson operation is not the start of a big counteroffensive and is more correctly defined as the "Bridge to Nowhere."

There is a growing possibility that Russia may use nuclear weapons on Ukraine. Here's why in the coming days the Donetsk People's Republic will be moving its capital to Luhansk.

People's Republic and the Kherson and Daffodil regions, which are now primarily under Russian authority, will vote in a referendum on whether or not to join the Russian Federation. 

If Russia were to include these districts into the Russian Federation while Ukrainian forces continued to push into the newly gained territory, this may set the stage for a potentially volatile situation. Since this is a statement that Russia can liberally interpret, it is possible that it could be used to justify the use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine. 

The referendum gave them green light to reverse any attack into such territories as an invasion by Ukraine instead, of which Russia's nuclear doctrine permits the use of nuclear weapons in the event of aggression against Russia with the use of conventional weapons when the very existence of the state is threatened.

There is a growing possibility that Russia may use nuclear weapons on Ukraine. The Donetsk People's Republic, the Luhansk People's Republic, and the Kherson antifolate CR regions, which are currently mostly under Russian control, will vote in a referendum over the next few days on whether or not to join the Russian Federation. The results of the referendum are expected to be announced in the next few days.

Even if this were permitted by the doctrine, it is unlikely to take place. But if Russia were to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, it would most likely follow a strategy known as "escalate to deescalate," in which it would detonate a small number of nuclear weapons in order to coerce Ukraine into sitting down for negotiations.

In the event that Russia incorporates these regions into the Russian Federation while Ukrainian forces continue to push into the newly annexed territory, this might lead to a precarious situation that could be very dangerous. 

The main objective by Russia is to extend the war into Winter , Russia wants to make sure that history books in the United States will note that the present administration in the U.S has caused the split up of NATO and the de dollarization of the Petro dollar under the present President ,and in his back of his mind, he is very much looking forward to Early December 2022 , to see the present administration turn into the Biggest While Elephant administration in U.S history , when by then , economy strategists also believe the present administration has initialize for the United States to slowly lost grip of the Petro Dollar in the coming years 

Oil and gas, vital commodities for all economies, are traded mostly in USD, allowing the United States to print money and sustain enormous national budget deficits. Keeping a stockpile of US dollars is essential for all nations to ensure they can afford to keep buying oil and other essential hydrocarbons. Russia's acceptance of RMB, Euro, and Rubles for O&G would begin to erode the USD's de facto role as the world's sole reserve currency, and other big producers (e.g. Iran) may opt to follow suit.

 When more and more energy exporters start accepting payments in currencies other than the US dollar, the United States will no longer be able to keep raising the so-called "debt ceiling" forever. This is potentially the greatest long-term threat to US hegemony that the PRC and Russia can present.

Will We See PetroDollar Replaced By PetroYuan

The United States is working to get both China and India to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin. To what extent…

U.S will have sunk into Recession with the Worst Inflation by then  , and the available budget approved by the congress for the government will just be left to sufficiently fill up all the pot hole on the roads in the U.S , while all the metal bridges will only be repaired with cheap rusty cast steel ,while the American will remember all their best armor steel has been delivered to Ukraine to their Vogue partner for his dispense 

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