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Best Tourist Places of Seoni MP

Seoni tourism

By Rajshree ThakurPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Best Tourist Places of Seoni MP -

Seoni district is an important district of Madhya Pradesh . Seoni District comes under Jabalpur division. There are many natural, ancient, historical and religious places to visit in Seoni district. Many legends and beliefs are prevalent in the district regarding the naming of Seoni district. In the pages of history this district has been one of the important sites of the 52 Gandhas of the Gond kings of Mandla. In 1700 CE Seoni came under the rule of Bhosale of Nagpur. The headquarters was Chhapra. In 1774, the headquarters was changed from Chhapra to Seoni. Seoni became under the British after the 1857 revolution.

Pench Tiger Reserve Seoni -

Pench Tiger Reserve is a major tourist destination located in Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh. Pench Tiger Reserve is spread across Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra .Here you can see the tiger. Apart from this you can see many wild animals different species of birds here. But the main attraction is Tiger and Leopard. You can book Pench Tiger Reserve online. You can spend a good time here with your family and friends. Here you get many things to see. Jungle, mountain, river, wild animal which takes you away from a fast paced life.

The origin of Wainganga river Mundara Seoni-

Wainganga River is the main river of Seoni . The origin of the Wainganga river is called Mundara in Seoni district. There is a pool here. The Wainganga river has originated from this pool. A small temple is built in the middle of the kund. The origin of the Wainganga river will be about 20 km from Seoni district. There is a good road to reach here. The Wainganga River flows through the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The Wainganga River flows irrigating the Seoni and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh with its water. Here is a temple of Radha Krishna. The temple of Hanuman ji is available to see. One gets to see the temple of Bhura Bhagat. This is a very beautiful tourist place of Seoni District.

Totladoh Dam Seoni -

Totladoh Dam is beautidul tourist spot of Seoni district .Totladoh Dam is a beautiful reservoir located near Seoni district. This reservoir is built on the Pench river. This reservoir is located inside the Pench Tiger Reserve. This reservoir is located at a distance of about 100 kilometers from Seoni district headquater. Totaldoh Dam looks very beautiful during the rainy season. During the rainy season this dam is completely filled with water and the gates of this dam are opened.

Diwan Mahal and Bawdi Seoni -

Diwan Mahal and Bawdi is an ancient site located in Seoni district. Here are a beautiful palace and a stepwell. It is said that this palace belonged to the Diwan of Rani Durgavati. A tunnel leads from this palace to the fort of Rani Durgavati in Jabalpur and the fort of Ramnagar in Mandla. This palace is located in the main Seoni city. This is one of beat tourist spot of seoni city.

Math Ghoghara Waterfall Seoni –

Math Ghoghara Waterfall is a natural site located in Lakhnadon in Seoni district. This place is a natural place as well as a religious place. A very ancient Shivling of Lord Shiva is sitting here. Here is a waterfall during the rainy season. Below the waterfall there is a cave. This cave is made by cutting stones. Here is a Shivling and a statue of Lord Shiva. Apart from this the replicas of 12 Jyotirlingas are also kept here. A small room has been made for staying in this cave. Here you get drinking water from the mountains. A spring falls from the mountains which is potable water. That water comes in a tank and from that tank you can drink water.

Dalsagar Lake Seoni -

Dalsagar Lake is a major tourist destination of Seoni district. Dal Sagar Lake is situated in the main Seoni City. This lake is very beautiful and large . In the evening one gets to see the view of the sunset from the lake. People also enjoy boating in this lake.

Adegaon Fort -

Adegaon fort comes in Tehsil-Lakhnadon district- Seoni . This fort is situated at a distance of 18 kilometers from Lakhnadon towards Adegaon . Adegaon fort site remains operational in every season of the year. tourist site remains operational from 05 am to 08 pm

Shree Shivdham Mathghoghara Lakhnadon -

About 60 kms from the district headquarter on Jabalpur road. The development block located at a distance is Lakhnadon. About 10 kms in west direction from Lakhnadon headquarter. Shree Shivdham Mathghog is a famous religious place. There is a deep cave in the middle of two hills in which the idol of Lord Shiva and the Shivling is very ancient.


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