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5 Best Places to visit Nagaland in India

Beauty of Nagaland

By Rajshree ThakurPublished about a year ago 3 min read
5 Best Places to visit Nagaland in India
Photo by Arindam Saha on Unsplash

Nagaland is a small state situated amidst beautiful plains in the North Eastern region of India. A trip to Nagaland is a great option for tourists seeking peace and relaxation.

This is the land of humble people, farmers, natural beauty, interesting history and amazing culture. Celebrating a holiday in Nagaland means that you enjoy the different tourist destinations present in the region.

Nagaland is most famous for its customs and its traditions and the weddings that take place here. Perhaps that is why the tourists who come to visit here like to see the beauty of this place. Also come here to see the culture.

History of Nagaland -

The capital of Nagaland is Kohima. But the largest city here is Dimapur. There are 16 tribes living in this state. The name of this state was named after the Naga tribe out of these tribes, although the people of the Naga tribe live all over India. But the states whose district is named after them.In 1957, it was made a Union Territory and placed under the Governor of Assam. It was named 'Naga Hills' district of the state of Assam. Again in 1961 the name of this region was changed to Nagaland. It was given full statehood in December 1963.

There are many beautiful places to visit in Nagaland, the main ones are -

1. Kohima -

Kohima is the capital of the state of Nagaland. The city of Kohima is located on the Naga Hills, 48 km to the south-east of the Dimapur railway line in northeastern India. The natural beauty here is such that it cannot be compared. Here the "Ko Hima War Memorial" of the soldiers killed during the Second World War . This beautiful memorial site is maintained by the 'Common Wealth War Graves Commission'.

2. Ghosho Bird Sanctuary -

The Ghosho Bird Sanctuary is located at a distance of eight kilometers from the Zunheboto Headquarters in Nagaland. This bird sanctuary is very beautiful. More than 20 species of endangered birds can be seen in this sanctuary located in Nagaland. Many types of migratory birds can also be seen in this bird sanctuary from June to September.The responsibility of its maintenance and security rests with the local residents.

3. Dimapur -

Dimapur is the largest city connecting Nagaland with other cities. First of all tourists like to visit Dimapur in Nagaland. Tourist places in Dimapur include Triple Falls, Kachari Khander, Science Center and Zoological Park, Dimapur is a naturally beautiful as well as a historical city located in Nagaland. Dimapur is made up of three words Di, Ma and Pur. According to the Kachari language, Di means 'river', Ma means 'great' and Pur means 'city'. Dimapur is counted among the major tourist destinations of Nagaland. This is known as the entrance of Kohima.

4. longwa -

Longwa is a village and a major tourist destination located in the Mon district of Nagaland. Half of Longwa is in Nagaland and half is in Myanmar. Tourists visiting Nagaland can see the beautiful scenery of Longwa. The rivers that flow through Longwa increase its beauty manifold. Of these rivers, two rivers flow into India and two rivers flow into Myanmar. The most important thing about Longwa is that the villagers have citizenship of both India and Myanmar.

5. Rangapahar Sanctuary -

Rangapahar Sanctuary is a national park and sanctuary located in Dimapur in the state of Nagaland. Gapahar Sanctuary is a good tourist destination for nature-lovers. Apart from wildlife, beautiful birds can also be seen in Rangapahar Sanctuary, which increase the beauty of Rangapahar Sanctuary manifold.

How To Reach Nagaland

To go to Nagaland, you can reach Nagaland by bus, train or plane from any of these three ways. The facilities of all these three routes are available in Nagaland.


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