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Best Social Media Practices to Boost Your Personal Brand

Social Media

By Alan Safahi Orinda CAPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Nearly half of the world is on social media, according to the Digital 2020 July Global Snapshot. There’s simply no question that today, to build a personal brand, there's nothing else that compares to the power of social media. The potential audience, exposure, and ease of use it offers makes it one of the best methods for anyone to boost and grow their personal brand. Everyone who is pursuing a way this should use it, and the reasons why are listed below.

According to Alan Safahi, a major Fintech CEO who has started and led many successful companies throughout his career, social media allows brands to develop a deeper connection with their audience, on a more sincere and personalized level. Thus creating valuable customer loyalty, which generates leads and providing the advertising/marketing exposure that money can’t readily buy.

A person can use the momentum that social media creates to turn what was once a small, niche brand, and grow it to a common name that nearly every household knows. A famous example of this would be Elon Musk using his twitter account to grow support for his companies, interact directly with his customer base, post updates, job listings, and respond to questions/comments. Three reasons why social media has become this formidable advertising behemoth it is today, and why nearly anyone can use this to grow their personal brand are listed below.

Social Media Makes Your Brand More Authentic

In today's digital world, where everyone and everything is constantly demanding your attention, it’s become increasingly more difficult for a small brand to gain notoriety and attention. One of the most important factors for a brand is if an audience believes in it, and trusts it. This only occurs if you’re an authentic and genuine brand, or if they at least believe that to be true. “Authenticity and quality of our products/services is one of the key metrics that I direct my employees to be aware of at all times, due to their importance in sales and customer loyalty.” states Alan Safahi, who currently resides in Orinda, CA. The close proximity of this bustling town to San Francisco, a major tech hub, allows him to see nearly every day the power of social media in action. Safahi has spoken at many events, and has direct connections with many of today’s industrial titans, and he is adamant that if a company or a person doesn’t take advantage of the power of social media, they will be at a severe disadvantage.

Additionally, he adds that you should make sure that you don’t make any outlandish claims, or false statements, as this will only cause you to create mistrust and decrease your customer loyalty.

Social media connects Your Brand to a Lifestyle

Consumer trends closely mimic social media, and if a business or a personal brand succeeds in connecting their brand to a way of life, or a lifestyle, they will achieve great market penetration, along with a host of other benefits. They will build a deep economic “moat”, and their customers will be extremely loyal to the brand, often even referring your product or service to their friends and family. Social media allows people to post, share, and learn about lifestyles on a scale unmatched by any other medium in today's world. An example of this would be trends such as the Keto diet, the meditate for thirty days challenge, and the ever changing fashion styles of consumers, spurred by influencers through social media. Data shows that consumers “commit to the lifestyle trends, and will do anything in their power to reasonably achieve it.” as also echoed by Alan Safahi.

Further adding, “With the rapid rise of social media and the advent of capable devices in almost every consumer's hands to access the aforementioned market, individuals and brands are essentially required to cultivate a strong online presence.” Alan Safahi has leveraged this online sector to his advantage multiple times, and it has offered him and his companies numerous benefits, his extreme success being a testament to this.

Social Media Allows You to Grow a Global Presence

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of social media is its broad reach; All over the world users log onto their various social networks and consume content every day. A large marketing team and the budget required to sustain one are simply not needed, instead one needs to be tech savvy and have a thorough understanding of consumer sentiments. It levels the playing field, so to speak. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, it only matters what value you can offer to the consumers.

As a result of this, it offers everyone a chance to strike it rich and make it big. Alan Safahi explains that the use of social media has given numerous people he knows the opportunity to reach a vast swatch of people, from all walks of life, and connect them to their brand, service, or product. In conclusion, if you’re not already actively expanding your presence on social media, you’re falling behind, as your competitors most certainly are.

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Alan Safahi Orinda CA

Alan Safahi is an Iranian-American entrepreneur and six-time startup founder with over 30 years’ experience in the information technology, telecommunications and financial services industries.

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