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Best Entrepreneur Subscription Boxes for the Go Getter in Your Life

Entrepreneur subscription boxes are curated to inspire, motivate, and streamline the process of being awesome in the office. Here are the best ones...

By Rowan MarleyPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

Subscription boxes are in, and there's a box for every lifestyle out there. There are subscription boxes for home-cooked meals like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. There are boxes for makeup fans, like ipsy or Birchbox. There are even boxes for people who can't stand clothes shopping, like Stitchfix.

If you're friends with serious go-getters, then giving them the gift of entrepreneur subscription boxes is a wise choice. Entrepreneur subscription boxes are filled to the brim with items that help you kill it in the office, and inspire you to be the best boss ever.

With the following subscription boxes, you can expect quality, and a great bang for your buck — just what the #Boss in your life deserves.

Sparkle Hustle Grow is one of the best entrepreneur subscription boxes for lady entrepreneurs. Each box comes with access to a positive online community filled with female hustlers, awesome desk decorations, and cool gear to help you reach the top of your #Girlboss game.

Each box is considered to be a business write-off and comes with business training kits that help you reach your maximum potential. Needless to say, this is a great kit to have if you're a lady who wants to meet more inspiring women in the world.

Ladies love entrepreneur subscription boxes — especially when they're as stylish and slick as SHEclub Monthly! This is a neat little subscription that comes filled with goodies that are designed to help you succeed in your side hustle, while you're still working a 9 to 5.

Just like with Spark Hustle Grow, each box comes with training that's geared to elevate you from a side hustle-haver, to a full-time solopreneur. If you're looking for new skills, this is a package you'll want to pick up.

Are you having a difficult time getting into the leadership role, or worried that you're not inspiring your employees to do their best? Then The Leadership Mindset is for you. This is a curated subscription box filled with books dedicated to cultivating leadership skills.

Great reads and access to a website filled with supportive people are what make this a great gift for the boss in your life. And, since it's gender-neutral, it's wonderful for guys, too.

While many entrepreneur subscription boxes are geared towards learning new skills and management improvement, Office Crate's a bit more fun. This is a subscription that's all about bringing a splash of style to the office, in the form of funky-fresh office supplies.

Cute cards, fun desk toys, and yes, chic office supplies, are all a part of this subscription. More impressively, you get to go global by having office supplies that are sourced from all over the world.

A good entrepreneur knows that learning the art of business is just as important as having a good product. That's why Business Book Monthly is one of the best boxes for any entrepreneur, manager, or business school student to have.

Each box comes complete with a nice snack or drink, some slick office supplies, and additional reading material to help reinforce the stuff each book teaches you. Topics range from investing to upping recurring revenues, so you'll always learn something new!

Ladies who love to flaunt their own personal style at the office will enjoy Trendy Memo, one of the more style-focused monthly boxes currently being offered at CrateJoy. Each box has cool stationary, neat desk toys, and fun stuff to help ladies get through the workday.

With this box, female entrepreneurs get to enjoy some of the nicest new gear out there — and that's sure to make a splash the next time you're meeting with fellow #BossBabes.

Happy Higher Club is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable entrepreneur subscription boxes around. This box isn't about office supplies, or even management skills; it's literally about having fun in the office!

Every box comes with desk toys, games, and fun stuff you can enjoy with coworkers during a lunch break. If you're looking for a way to unwind, this is a great box to try.

Most entrepreneurs want to learn about others in their field, network with fellow CEOs, or see what other startups are doing. That's where Startup Stars comes in. This monthly subscription box showcases a brand new startup and tells you the scoop on how they're changing the world.

Every box contains interesting information, a unique T-shirt, and the CEO's business card. So, it's safe to say this'll allow you to network with others in your industry — or just learn about a business you'd want to partake in.

You don't have to be an actual boss or CEO to be a lady who loves LaOfficeBox. This stylish monthly subscription box is all about getting cute office supplies to your door, and showing you the coolest ways to stay inspired throughout the workday.

It's one of the better entrepreneur subscription boxes for ladies who are constantly in the office — and one of the smartest gifts you can give for the office lady with a smile. It's also worth mentioning that, once in a while, you might get entrepreneur apparel accessories too. Staying fab has never been this easy.

Minx Lit is one of the smartest entrepreneur subscription boxes for women — and unlike others on here, it's not just about business. Minx Lit brings you an inspirational and educational entrepreneurial book every month, but it also focuses on an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

This is a box that believes that part of success is actually taking care of yourself. So, while you'll find office supplies and books in here, you'll also receive bath and skincare items too. Overall, it's an awesome box for any lady who wants to unleash her inner boss.

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