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Are you always working late at your current job? Highly skilled people have set their own off-time.

Off-duty time for high rollers

By Orr HirshmanPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Do you always work overtime now?

Modern society often sees a lot of people around you, you need to work overtime at night, and usually overtime until 9:00 pm, or 10:00 pm, but overtime is really necessary.

Some people will certainly disagree.

Because from the heart no one wants to work overtime, the reason why over time, is not because it has to work overtime?

The reasoning is not wrong, but more accurately, there are times when we do need to work overtime.

But not because the work at hand is too much, have to work overtime, but because of the low efficiency during the day that they have to work overtime.

In other words, although it seems that some people work a lot, if they can play their real work efficiency, many people can originally be smooth at the end of the day time off work.

The reason why they can't do so is that they are not working efficiently and dragging their feet in the early stages and have to spend more time to make up for it.

It is because of the realization of this problem, at the same time, to make their own better efficiency, those masters will set their own unique time off work.

Originally from the biological point of view, after 4 p.m., our concentration will be improved again.

And this time we will realize that the end of the day is coming, we need to seize the time and improve efficiency again.

Among the various countries, Americans are the most productive.

It is because Americans have the habit of having dinner with their families in the evening, which forces them to finish their work before the end of the day at 5:00 to leave work on time.

To achieve this goal, Americans work with their full attention in the morning or afternoon.

So it can also be said that the reason why they are so productive is that they set the time for themselves to leave work.

This time is not clearly defined by the company, but in their minds to establish a solid impression.

When the time comes, it means they must finish their work.

Unlike the Japanese, the Japanese always think that it's okay, if the work is not done, they can work overtime.

That's the reason why they think that way. That's why Japanese people are prone to procrastination and inefficiency when they work, which eventually leads to natural over time.

So you might also want to think about whether your daily thoughts are closer to those of Americans or Japanese people.

I think people who work overtime a lot often think in their heads that it's okay to work slower because they can work overtime anyway.

But it is important to know that such thoughts allow our inertia to find an opportunity.

Know that if we can, or as long as we relax a little, inertia and procrastination will surely prevail.

So many times the work is not done, and it is the idea of working overtime if the work is not done that ends up causing lonely procrastination during the day and having to work overtime during the night.

But if you set a clear time for yourself to leave work, then maybe everything is different.

But first of all, we should pay attention to one thing, that is, the time we set for ourselves to leave work, first of all, must not be changed, because only then will be binding enough on us.

There is a working person, Xiaojun every day to work overtime until 9:00 pm, and 10:00 pm.

Suddenly once, someone introduced him to a girlfriend and agreed to meet at 7:00 pm.

To be on time for the appointment, Xiaojun worked hard during the day, with a high degree of concentration.

In the past, always have to be 9:00 pm, or 10:00 pm to complete the work, and the results of that day were 6:30 pm before it was done.

So you see sometimes the real reason for working overtime may not lie in the work itself, but only in our efficiency.

Of course, you may also say that this is just an isolated case, a special case, but this is not the case.

Recently, several companies in Japan have started to introduce a zero overtime system.

In other words, companies encourage their employees to leave work on time. On the surface, it appears that the overall working hours of the company's employees have been significantly reduced.

But, since the implementation of the zero overtime system, the company's performance has improved than before.

The effect of leaving work on time, although shortening the working hours of employees, greatly improves their efficiency.

Eventually, the employees both the quality and quantity of work have increased significantly.

Of course, maybe your company has not yet implemented a zero overtime system, but this does not prevent you from setting a time for yourself to leave work on your own.

You can set a time with yourself and ask yourself to finish all the work before the end of the day so that you can leave work on time.

Of course, sometimes just in the mind and their agreement, and no system any constraints, we are very difficult to keep the agreement.

Then if so, you may wish to add an unchangeable thing after your own time off work.

Something like a little army kind of appointment at what time, or book yourself a movie ticket after work.

Because it is not refundable, if you can't get off work on time, then the movie ticket money is wasted.

This forces us to finish all our work before our own off time.

This method is very useful to improve the efficiency of the afternoon, you can try it.


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