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By Merjaunie LenaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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Call me crazy or weird or whatever it is you want to say, but if I'm being honest lately I like to be alone. Sometimes just sitting with my own company is just so peaceful to me. I could be reading, writing, listening to my music, or watching some videos on youtube, and I will be perfectly content. I've learned to love being alone away from people, and negative energy that come with some people not all but most. I've learned that if it doesnt bring me happiness or is messing with my peace I will not tolerate it. Thus being alone bring me more joy than going out to a party or to anything really. People think that because I'm always alone that I am depressed or sad when it's not even that at all. I'm just more at peace with it, and I've learned to love it so much that I just prefer it. No one can mess with my peace or my emotions, and I don't have to deal with anyone. As harsh as that sounds it's not meant that way believe me. I just don't need to be surrounded by hundreds or people to make me happy or to being going out constantly, because if I'm being honest I can only stand being around so many people for so long, and then I start getting irritated and want to go home. Don't take it personal I just cherish my own company more than anything now.

I feel like a lot of people don't cherish time alone or just don't know how to just yet. It all comes with time though, you may think being surrounded by all these people is everything, but how many of them actually know your middle name? It's fine to surround yourself with your close personal people from time to time, but I promise once you start enjoying your own company it gets even better. Just to be able to sit alone somewhere or go eat alone somewhere is so therapeutic in ways you don't even know. Sooner or later you will know what I'm talking about, and you will feel very much at home just being alone and vibing with your own energy.

I think being able to master that feeling of being alone is so empowering because it shows how strong minded you can be. To be alone, and not let your mind take over and filling your head with negative thoughts, but being able to control that too just shows a lot about a person. Usually when people are alone they tend to let their mind wander and fill up with all these assumptions of events that aren't even there to begin with if you know what I mean. I used to be like that, and I had felt like I needed to be surrounded by someone or people just to be able to take my mind off whatever it is my mind was telling me. As time went by, and I started being to myself more and more I learned to distract myself with other things that I can do alone rather than surround myself with people. I found myself loving it more and more that eventually I didn't need nor do I want to be surrounded by people, but I just started figuring myself out and vibing with my own company and making sure my aura wasn't disrupted. Now that I feel like I've mastered being alone and enjoying my own company I can say I feel 100x more happier. Don't think I'm super anti social either because when it comes down to certain people or family I'm up to surround myself with them, but I just enjoy my own peace and company more now than ever. I hope one day you can learn to master being alone without letting yourself getting into your head, because it's the most enjoyable thing I've discovered.


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Merjaunie Lena

I write to express, and clear my head, it's my therapy.

It's not perfect, but nothing is

Being able to vent without a filter is the best way to go.

I am not a professional writer

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    Merjaunie LenaWritten by Merjaunie Lena

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