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All you need about Print on demand

How to get tons of Ideas for print on demand

By ghadermPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

 Getting ideas for print on demand is a problem that faces many designers who want to start selling their designs so I decided to give you all my ways to get ideas for my designs in this article


VERY IMPORTANT notice before we start

You'll find here tons of ideas for your designs but I don't want you to copy and paste these ideas instead, take your time and let these ideas inspire you to come up with new ideas

take look at ideas from other niches so you can get unique ideas for your niche

Now after you read this advice let's get started with our methods

Now I will tell you exactly my strategies to get ideas from social media and I will talk about a specific platforms


Everyone knows Reddit and its communities, where people share information, news, experiences, and a lot of stuff so when I want to get new ideas from Reddit I visit some subreddit like r/design so all you have to do is to search for some subreddits that talk about your niche or about designing and stuff like that and get tons of ideas from them


One of the most famous platforms on the internet and you all know it. To get ideas from it search for keywords about your niche with the word "t-shirt" and visit some profiles to see their designs. Don't forget that people on Instagram are using hashtags so search for your keywords in the tags section and filter it to "recently" to see the newest designs

Also, you can search for random profiles or tags about designs and get more and more ideas to be somehow creative in your designs because I don't want you to copy and paste any designs in those methods so pay attention to this matter


Another large platform where you can share "pins" and I think a lot of you know it already

The beautiful thing about Pinterest is that you can use it as a search engine so you can search for whatever you want and you'll get many pins about it

And here all you have to do is to search for keywords related to your niche but add the "t-shirt" word to it, like animals t-shirts or skull t-shirts or whatever you want


The large online marketplace where a lot of people buy their stuff

Etsy has a category for clothing so you can choose it and then search for keywords about your niche and you will find tons of designs that you can get ideas from but here you should filter the search results to "customers review" so you can get the best designs that people rate it first

SEO tools:

You can say that this method is a magic method because it may help you increase your sales and not only your ideas

All you have to do here is to use the infinite suggest tool and search for keywords like "T-shirt" or "bag" or "design" or any keyword related to print on demand and see what designs people want on their clothes or bags or anything

Of course, all the ideas you will get here are profitable because people are searching for them but the magic will happen when you find keywords with low SEO difficulty and low-paid competition, and of course, this means that there aren't many designs about the idea so the chance to make sales will be higher for you because your store may show up in the Google results in front of the people who searched for the keywords you ranked for


Getting ideas for designs is a problem that faces a lot of designers so I shared with you some methods to get tons of ideas for your designs like Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, and SEO tools

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