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Full course about how to do keywords research

How to do keywords research like a pro but for free

By ghadermPublished 10 months ago 6 min read

When we talk about SEO and ranking on google the first thing that will come to your mind is doing keywords research because it's the basic thing to successful especially if your website is fresh also when we talk about doing keyword research you will think about how expensive are keyword research tools

I think this matter faces everyone who wants to start SEO and is afraid of paying much money and failing at the end in ranking on google so is there any way to get the same results in the paid keywords tool but for free? Here you will know that

I was like others, I wanted to start my SEO journey and I didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars every month until I get some results so I can pay without being afraid of losing anything and know after a lot of research and tests I found a way to do keywords research and get the same paid results but for free so stay tuned cause you will know everything about this matter in this article

What will we do?

Doing keyword research for free to get the same paid results, of course, needs more time and effort so we will talk about what you should pay attention to in keywords so you can rank for it and what tools you can use to get all this data for free

The main things you should care about in keywords are keyword difficulty "KD", paid competition, and search volume also we will talk about how can you get many keyword ideas, and don't worry we will arrange all these things to make it easier to you

Step one: get keyword Ideas to rank for

So now you work with a specific niche and you want to write content about it but all content ideas that come to your mind are well known and all people are talking about so it's very hard to show up between them

Here came our first tool which is the H-supertools youtube research tool here all you have to do is to search for keywords related to your niche then the tool will give hundreds of content ideas to write about so I want you to copy these results and paste it on your docs or whatever you use

Now I want you to go to the H-supertools questions explorer tool and then do the same thing, just search for keywords related to your niche and the tool will give many questions about your keyword so you can write content about them so copy & paste them for later

We aren't finishing yet, now we will talk about the third tool which is infinite suggest and this tool is extremely good to get a huge number of keywords that people search for it on google so it's very important to check it out

My 3D method for better results:

As I said this article will make you a pro in doing keywords research so now I will talk about what I called the 3D method to get better keywords for your niche

We all know 2D & 3D forms, 2D can be described as a flat plan figure so even if it contains many things under or inside it, you can't see what is inside it or what it contains, for example, a box containing a phone inside it, looks like a square in 2D form and you can't see the phone but the 3D form allow you to see what is inside the figure

So when we go for the 2D form you will notice that you can't go as deep or manipulate the shape as you want unlike the 3D format which will allow you to go deep inside the shape and that's exactly what we will do in our method

To make sure you get the hint, let's take this example if you wanna talk about "dog training" you will notice that this keyword is very hard and has a high SEO difficulty and it refers to a big niche so in another way we can say that "dog training" is a 2D form because it contains everything related to raise the dogs

But when we go deep inside this keyword you will see that there are many things under its roof like "how to feed your dogs" or "How do I stop my dog ​​from biting me" or “How do I train my dog ​​to go home alone” and much more and of course, all these are keywords you can use

Now let's go deeper into my method. here the 3d form will be the glossary of the keyword so all you have to do is to search and think about the glossary of your keyword and then choose keywords from it to use in your article

After choosing some keywords get ideas about them as we said in the first step and by doing that you'll get the best keywords to rank for

Check the paid competition for your keywords

Paid competition means that companies or people paid money to Google to rank their website at the top of the results and you can notice this thing when you search for keywords like "email marketing companies" then you will see the first results with the "ad" word beside them so they paid for ranking

Of course, you should avoid keywords with high competition so you can get all the search volume if your website ranks number one, and to do that all you have to do is to visit the Google ads planner tool and then search for your keywords and the tool will tell you if it has a high paid competition or not

Check the search volume & the Keyword Difficulty

Congratulations, you just reach the final step in this guide, and this step is very important because it will help you to choose the right keywords from your list, and it will give you more related keywords as well if you still find things hard for you

The last tool we will use is the Ahrefs free keywords generator tool, yep Ahrefs which considering one of the best keyword tools has a free version to use and this version will help us to know the keyword difficulty that will tell you if you can rank for your keywords or not

Search for your keywords in this tool then choose only keywords with low "KD" also, the tool will give you the search volume, and you should avoid keywords that have zero search volume

How to choose exactly

For the "KD" choose depending on your website so if it's still new I recommend you to choose keywords with 0 to 5 kd and if your website is big you can choose higher than that

For the search volume, you should pay attention to what I will talk about

Everyone when they see keywords with less than 1000 search volumes they will avoid them and choose one with higher search volume but also with higher SEO difficulty so if you want my advice, I see that writing about 10 keywords with 0 kd & 200 search volume then ranking one for them is better than writing about one keyword with 16 kd and 2000 search volume because the chance to rank for it is fewer


Keywords research is really important for SEO and to choose the perfect keywords there are a few things you should care about like the difficulty of the keyword, the paid competition, and the search volume. In this article, we showed you everything related to this matter

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