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Full review about rapid workers

My experience with rapid workers | is it good to work on it?

By ghadermPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

Everyone love to work online and make a living on it and when it comes to this thing a lot of people will start doing small task or work because they want something quickly with their business or they even don't want to wait for full business

I prefer to build a business instead of wasting time and effort on small works but when I had more free time I decided to test the Hive work app

Now I decided to test the common site "rapid workers" and I will give you my experience with it

Tasks on rapid workers:

There are tons of tasks on rapid workers and most of them are easy to do like signing up for an app, installing an extension,( filling up a form ), downloading an e-book, and taking a survey

Also, I saw some tasks on the site but I didn't do it like submitting a zip code, subscribing to a Youtube channel, following on Instagram, joining a telegram group, giving like for a Facebook page, and something like that

Some tasks need you to be from specific places like USA, Brasil, and India but don't worry because there are a lot of tasks that accept people from all countries so don't think about using a VPN or something like that because you'll get banned

How to do Tasks on rapid workers?

To do tasks on rapid workers all you have to do is to create an account and sign in then you will see a huge number of tasks waiting for you. Now to do it just click on any task you want then you will see the steps to do it

Also, there is a very important thing you should care about which is the required proof you will notice it under the steps and here you will see how to send your proof to the owner of the task 

After reading and understanding the steps of the task just do it then see how the owner wants you to send your proof that you did the job then send the proof to him and wait until he reviews your work and accepts it

How much can you make doing tasks on rapid workers?

The money will make is depending on the task you will do because there are tasks that pay well and there are other tasks that didn't pay that much. Also, your location may increase your money because there are some tasks for specific countries like the USA and these tasks pay well

From my experience with this site, I can say that you can make about 25 dollars per month and I know it's not that much but I show you my experience and you may make more

My experience with rapid workers:

To be honest, I didn't use rapid worker that much because I didn't have much time left so I used it for one week and I made 10 dollars but I noticed two things

The first thing is some tasks may take more time than it shows on the site but it isn't that much time so don't worry

The second thing is that although there are a good number of tasks added daily to the site, many of them don't give you more than 0.03 dollars, and this may be seen by some as a problem or an obstacle to them, so I decided to put it here

So, you can say that my experience with the site was rather good. As for withdrawing money, don't worry. My friend encouraged me to try it when I told him that I have a lot of free time and he has already withdrawn money from it, so you can rest assured and trust the site

Conclusion :

There are many ways to make money online and a lot of beginners go to small tasks first so I showed you my experience with one of these sites which is rapid workers

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