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Full review about Warrior plus

My experience with lunching a product on warrior plus

By ghadermPublished 10 months ago 5 min read

Everyone wants to start his journey with digital marketing by selling digital products they made it, And I think that a lot of them decided already to work with affiliate networks so they can make a lot of sales with less effort and if we want to talk about these networks then of course warrior plus is one of the best affiliate networks on the internet

So if you want to sell on warrior plus here are my own experience to help you understand everything about selling with affiliates and to see how can you lunch your product successfully on warrior plus

How to launch a product on warrior plus?

To launch a product on warrior plus there are some steps you should follow and we will talk about them now

First, add your product

To add your product go to the "vendors" section then choose "products" and then click on "New product

Now you will need to complete some steps like writing your product name, uploading it, and selecting a category for it and you can avoid all the optional steps

So now let's talk about the steps that maybe you won't understand it

The access URL step means that you should put a link so the admins can access your product and review it

For example, in my case, my product was an e-book so I uploaded it to mega and paste the download link in the box

Under it, you will see the admin access info box, and here you should put the log-in required to your product (if there was)

for example, if your product was an e-book and you locked it with a password you should write it here so the admins can open it and review it

The type of your product:

Here you will notice two options which are personal use and the extended options

The personal use option means the buyer can get your product and use it for his business but he can't give it away or resell it or something like that so if your product was software that helps get traffic then he can use it and get traffic to his links but he can sell it to others

The extended option means that your product will be treated as a PLR product so the buyer can resell it or give it away and you can select what buyers can do and what they can't by the way

It's very important to activate the affiliate program from the affiliate section so you can sell your product through affiliates to help you make more sales you will notice two commission options one for the affiliates and it means the commission that the affiliate will get for promoting your product and the second commission is for warrior plus admins

Second, create your offer:

Adding a product isn't enough to start selling on warrior because you should create an offer and then add your product or products to it and yes you can add multiple products to the same offer

To create an offer just go to the offer section and click on a new offer

Now like in the previous step just complete simple information like your product name, description about it, select category, paste your sale page link

Once you create your offer you will be accessed to your offer main page where you'll manage your sales process

Third, add your product to your offer

After you create everything you have to add your product or your products to your offer

to add a product just go to your offer main page and click on the "Add product" button

After you add your product you will be able to determine the commission that the affiliates will get to sell your product

Get the Buy button code

From your offer page card, you will see the "Get code" button so click on it and copy the code then paste it into your sale page

How to paste the code into your sale page on ?

To paste the code go to your sale page editor and from the edition, menu go down and click on "Raw HTML" after that HTML words will be added to your sale page, so all you have to do is click on it and then choose Edit code from the edition menu and paste your code after deleting the previous one

After doing that just wait for the admins to review your product and it will be published if it gets accepted

My experience with warrior plus:

when I decided to sell on warrior plus for the first time I searched for PLR e-books cause I only thought about making money without doing many things like creating my e-book

But after I bought an e-book and tried to lunch it here is what happened

They accept the e-book but after I searched for it I couldn't find it in the public marketplace

When I searched for the reasons I found that Plr products don't show up in the warrior plus marketplace but I still can sell them through the warrior plus platform

what did I do after that?

I create an ebook about getting traffic to websites and I talked about everything related to this topic like SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and some methods that personally tried and worked with me

After that, I tried to lunch my e-book and they rejected it for the first time because of a mistake I made then when I solved it they accept my e-book, and of course, it shows up on the public marketplace

Why did I get rejected for the first time?

Because my sale page contained an o'clock that doesn't optimize by the warrior plus platform so I had to remove it

The results that I get:

Well until now I didn't get any sales but lately, there are some affiliates with a high score on warrior plus who requested to promote my e-book so I will wait and see what will happen


Everyone wants to start selling online through affiliates so this article talked about how to lunch your product successfully on the warrior plus platform

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