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A Day in the Life

by Craig Gagarin 10 months ago in career · updated 9 months ago
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Soil to Soil

My story begins like most in the male category. The pursuit of happiness. Money, a car to be proud of, and the focal point of my impact on this world…women. The daily routine of watching friends and family finding happiness while enjoying minute things like furnished apartments, road trips with their significant other, and/or just enjoying the company of that other.

At this time I was arriving at my tenth year digging trenches for irrigation systems. I enjoyed what I did, the pay was great, 9 to 5 with a warm Corona at the days end. It wasn’t enough. All those I forementioned were receiving 401ks, health insurance, over time. These are the things that surely made a difference. The proof is in the pudding for drawing in the women as its shown.

I began my search. The hunt was on. The game is afoot!

Things did brighten up. I found someone to embark on this journey with. She was about 5yrs into her professional journey and was more then willing and loving enough to assist me on mine. In time finding a job for career soon followed. Electrical Technician [Smiles]. Finally! I too have the pursuit of happiness that accompanies the woman and vice versa. Like with any new endeavor, theres a point when the icing slides off and the pastry is revealed for what it is. Day 158. Ok, the company we are shipping this product to has a bit of a past, but they are making strides towards the future. Oh ho ho, wow! Umm, this product is going to which company for what?! Will I or should I say, can I be charged as an accomplice? You laugh? Oh most of our products are being received by military contractors? When I applied for this position I prepared a speech on our countries plumbing system and how this product and I can bring plumbing repair to the forefront. None of what you told me was on the website. We do that too you say. I start looking for a new job.

I wasn’t until a year and a half later when I found a job. Fool me once. . . .. Technician and repair for X-Ray machines. Hospital and Airport(both bag and customs). Great! More pay, better benefits, 401 carries, company willing to pay COBRA, and global travel. During this transition the woman I was with left me. I was too concerned with work [stares in wtf]. Being who I was I will shake it off and pursue another. Heck, with income like this, how can I not.

First holiday season arrives at this job, and first time being alone in 3yrs. Manager calls us into the meeting room. “One of our senior onsite representatives will be arriving soon. The cargo that’s being unloaded in the dock will be refitted, reprogrammed, and returned before New Years. The three of you(new hires, myself included) will accompany it back to the Middle East, install and instruct their employees on how to operate it.” Following this tidbit of mind-blowing news the fore mentioned gentleman arrived. Delivered a 5min speech on the dos and don’ts of travelling in the Middle East. As an American, they’re mostly don’ts. As quickly as he arrived, he left. The next morning, we began unpacking. Over the course of the week we had both assemblies assembled. The programmer walks in pushing a crate. Pops it open. Shells?! Turns out the conveyor assembly was for testing tolerances on a tank shell casings. [Expletive].

As the days went on and the departure date arrived, anxiety began to hit. Pause. Before I continue, let explain that I’ve ridden down highways at 120mph on a motorbike, hit 60/70mph on a snowboard bombing diamonds, leaped from cliffs, and explored underwater caverns (which I got stuck in) without scuba gear. So fear wasn’t an issue. Could a tinge of depression have been mixed in from the break up? [shakes head] Um-hum um-hum. I cant exclude that from the possibilities. But, looking at whom I’ve always been, knowing that what these hands produced could and potentially would kill someone jumps my heart(bleeder). Being apart of that chain is like being unvaccinated, contracting covid, not showing symptoms, and giving it to everyone around you. That’s not a chain I want to be apart of. It could’ve been avoided with a mask or by not being in the situation in the first place. Which is where I am now. I grow vegetables and assemble solar panels for myself and a local church. I earn through online investing. Nothing says “Me” like projects that are invested in us.


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Craig Gagarin

Im new to writing and over time i hope to improve. With the help of the community here at Vocal i'll achieve that.

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