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A Comprehensive Guide to Apple Varieties in India

Apple Varieties in India

By Ghan ThakurPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Top 10 Apple Varieties

Apples are delicious and healthful; they are consumed in greater quantities than other fruits. Due to its high consumption and benefits, it is also considered the fruit crop with the most potential for profit. The fruit needs a long period, well-drained soil, careful pruning, and a strict pest control program in order to grow healthily.

Apples can be consumed raw or prepared into a variety of dishes, such as cakes and salads. When it comes to health, the majority of doctors recommend apples. "One apple a day keeps the doctor away," as we all know. We come here with different apple varieties found in India.

Top 13 Apple Types in India

Apple is the most popular and juicy fruit in the world. It comes with many healthy nutrients, vitamins, and much more. We shortlisted the top 13 Apple varieties that you should try once.

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apples are small to medium-sized varieties with flat, broad shoulders that taper to a wide base. Their average diameter is 5 to 8 cm. They have a spherical to conical shape. The apples have smooth, thin, taut skin with little ribs that show off textured brown russet inside the stem cavity. The complexion is golden-yellow to brilliant yellow, frequently with green undertones or areas of light pink-red blush.

Granny Smith

The fruit has crisp, juicy flesh and a light green skin. It is firm and rigid. It has an acidic, sour flavour. It is a common cooking apple used in pies, where it can be sweetened because it bakes up hard. When an apple reaches over ripeness, it turns from green to yellow.

Fuji Apple

Fuji apples have an average diameter of 75 millimetres (3.0 in), are usually round, and range in size from large to extremely large. They are more well-liked by customers worldwide because they have dense flesh that is sweeter and crispier than many other apple cultivars, and they contain between 9 and 11% sugars by weight.

Red Delicious

Because their skin does not keep well when cooked, Red Delicious apples are best enjoyed fresh or used in fresh recipes. In addition, their skin has a deep crimson colour, and they contain more antioxidants than other wide apple varieties.


Their texture is incredibly crisp and juicy, to start. When you bite into the creamy flesh, the big cells burst with juice that has a delightfully mildly aromatic, sub-acid, and well-balanced flavour. Its life is more than that of other varieties of apple.

Shimla Apple

The fragrant, crisp, and delectably sweet or tart Shimla Apple is a native of India. Were you searching for cooking apples that are tiny to medium in size? Perhaps the Shimla Apple is what you're looking for! The delicious Shimla Apple is ideal for baking, cooking, and eating. It is also quite adaptable. For these apple orchards you can consider John Deere mini tractor, effective and efficient for orchards farms.

Ambri Apple

The Ambri apple type is visually appealing and has a unique elliptical or conical form that is frequently flat at the base. There's even some ribbing on some fruits. Ambri apples range in size from medium to large, with smeared stripes layered on a backdrop of greenish yellow with a blush that is reddish pink.

McIntosh Apple

The McIntosh variety is distinguished by its appealing deep red or, more frequently, crimson hues, crisp texture, and frequently brilliant white flesh. It is generally a sweet flavour.

Gala Apple

Gala apples are petite, often red, and have vertical stripes that make them appear greenish or yellow-green in parts. Gala apples are sweet, gritty, mildly flavoured, and have thinner skin than other apples. They are also quite resistant to damage. Firmness, freshness, and sweetness are some of the quality indexes.

Kashmir Apple

Kashmir apples are smooth-skinned, blush-red apples with excellent flavour and quality. The texture is a delight to the tongue—crisp, sweet, and juicy. Flavonoids, antioxidants, dietary fibre, and vitamin C are all present in good amounts in Kashmir apples.

Pink Lady

This apple is sweet and tart, with a crisp bite and a fizzy finish. It has a high sugar and acid content. It is incredibly refreshing, even though it leans more towards the tart than the sweet side. It's gorgeous, brilliant white flesh is slow to oxidize or brown, which makes it an excellent apple to serve to guests.

Rose Apple

Rose apples are useful in treating joint inflammation and smallpox. The leaves soothe irritated eyes. It aids in the healing of injured cells and bodily tissues. Malic acid, found in rose apples, aids in controlling the amount of glucose consumed.

Winesap Apple

An ancient apple variety known as Winesap, which dates at least to American colonial times, is unclear in origin. Its apples have a tart taste and are delicious. They are highly valued for manufacturing cider, but they can also be used for cooking and eating.

These are all Apple varieties in India. I hope you like this blog for more information and stay connected with us. You can also consider John Deere 5310 for your farming needs.


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