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7 Risks You Can Take For a Better Life

by Sabina Hoque 4 years ago in advice / career / humanity

Seven Risks Worth Taking: A Step by Step Guide

Seven Risks worth Taking: A Step by Step Guide

Do you want to know the seven risks to take in order to live a better life? Ever wondered how taking risks has changed the lives of many? Well, the same could happen with you if you are willing to raise the stakes.

Bill Gates only had one shot at proving how his invention could begin a new era of computers, machines and robots. He took a risk that nobody at that time could have imagined would work. Today, Bill Gates tops the list of the world’s richest entrepreneurs in the history of mankind.

Risk 1 – Breaking tradition and doing what you feel is made for you.

Career is an important factor that determines the type of life we are going to live. Why study Medicine when all you can dream of is you flying a fighter jet? Many professionals make this mistake and the just-go-with-it strategy doesn’t work for many in the future. A risk worth taking here is telling your parents that what you have planned for yourself is slightly different than their expectations.

Risk 2 – Staying determined on your word and not bending for a counter-offer.

Often it happens that employers ask you for an expected salary figure at selection interviews. They then place a counter-offer, usually a sum that is quite lower than your stated expectations. A risk worth taking here is staying firm on your ground. Don’t go below your expectations fearing the job might be passed to another candidate. You are the one who was selected – act like you are the best option available.

Risk 3 – Making your own way around the rules because you believe doing so is effective

Strict dress codes might be observed at office on a Wednesday/Thursday, but you can find your own way around it. A bow tie may be a must, but what if your employer is impressed by your Ediety knot? That is a risk that can get you a promotion, or if not that, then you are certainly marking your name in your employer’s good books.

This might seem as finding “loopholes” in the system but, at the end of the day, it is you who is willing to take the risk. Who knows, you might get yourself a promotion or an increment.

Risk 4 – Trusting someone who you think might betray you

Another risk most people take nowadays is trusting people they believe might betray them. Mark Zuckerberg partnered with his friend Eduardo Saverin to launch Facebook. Though both were close friends at first, Mark particularly did not like Eduardo being autonomous. He still trusted his friend and today, despite their split later on, Facebook is the largest social network that has revolutionized the social media industry.

Risk 5 – Expressing to others how you feel about them and/or the situation.

A risk worth taking is letting your thoughts out open in front of someone. Fearing your professional friend might take your criticism offensively will only allow him/her to repeat his/her mistakes. Instead, if you express yourself with careful usage of appropriate words, your criticism might help you both become best friends.

Let them know how you feel about a particular matter/person. Maybe you are welcomed with ideas that change your life forever.

Risk 6 – Seeking help from a stranger and entrusting an important task to him/her.

In our lives, it is very common that we find some strangers who prove to be better than many of our own relatives. Seeking help from a random stranger just might stun you. Marshall Mathers, better known by his stage name Eminem, decided to seek help of a complete stranger. The stranger’s name was Andre Romelle Young, also known as Dr. Dre. And that very stranger helped him become what he is today.

Risk 7 – Forgiving an old foe for a mistake made in the past.

An old enemy might be waiting with lots of opportunities for you. All he/she is waiting is forgiveness from your side. It is always a wise man’s move to not mix private life with professional obligations. Who knows, maybe that old foe turns into a close friend and helps you seize opportunities you never believed you could.

Take it slow and steady and the risks you take will in turn yield positive results over time. If that is not the case, you will at least learn from new experiences.

Sabina Hoque
Sabina Hoque
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