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5 Ways To Fire Your Imagination

How to fight every artist's struggle: lack of inspiration

By Nikola LodkowskaPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Photograph by Nikola Lodkowska, March 2016

Get inspired!

Sounds too simple, borderline stupid, but using websites like Pinterest or Instagram you can look at what other people have previously done. Many established artists have already found their unique style, and if you need some technique inspiration, someone else's work could sparkle an idea for you! Don't just copy what someone has already made, but think of how you could apply their ideas or methods to your way of thinking or your theme.

What's currently popular?

Sometimes when you really can't think of something original, but you still want or need to produce something, look at what's trendy at the moment. Think of things people have been obsessed with lately; maybe you could get involved with the unicorn or the galaxy themes that have been all over the internet for some time? If you're looking for something more serious, think of things that are happening right now or soon are about to, that could influence what you're doing. Summer's right around the corner, even though it might not look like it if you live in England, but it might be a good time to bring some sunshine into your work.

Push yourself!

It doesn't matter if you're a professional or if you're just starting with whatever it is that you're doing, you could get too comfortable with what you already know and are used to. Maybe for sometime or even your whole life you've been saying that you absolutely hate watercolours, jazz music or you're not a fan of writing kids' poems. Sometimes you should take a trip to a completely unknown place and you could discover your new favourite thing! Push your boundaries and you could learn something new and develop your skills.

Time for a Redo!

Often when artists look at their previous work, from when they weren't that experienced, they might feel embarrassed about how bad it looks. It's obvious that as you work more, you develop your skills and you improve or/and change your style completely. It could be a good idea to take a look at your old pieces and rethink how they could be changed into something better or just different. Producing even the same piece of work, using a different style or techniques can let you go back to your roots and maybe trigger some thoughts and feelings.

If none of my previous 4 tips work for you, go do yourself!

You are the artist, so why not try to express what you know best in your work? Just do yourself! As a photographer you could take a photoshoot completely based on you. Try to show yourself to the world, take off the mask you might be wearing and feel free letting your personal thoughts go out into the public. You could simply think of what you like or dislike, what makes you happy or what drives you completely crazy. Maybe drop down a few things on a piece of paper and spend some time thinking, how you can express your thoughts, feelings and yourself.

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