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5 Steps to Getting Your Dream Job

by essamey about a year ago in interview

Word to Drake

If I received a $1 tip from everyone who's been looking for a new job, I'd probably have enough money in my wallet to actually be able to make a substantial withdrawal...

No cap, I've probably been in search for a new job for the last 18 months. Been in my current job for 4 years. Hated the last 2. I'm gagging for something new.

There are usually 3 different types of people when applying for jobs:

1. The "one who never misses": you apply, you get an interview and are made an offer the following day.

2. The "it wasn't the one for you anyway": you apply, you get an interview, but you didn’t bag the job.

3. The "we received a large number of applications, and after carefully reviewing all of them...": yeah, you know them ones.

I'm number 2, which is better than 1 some may think, but imagine getting to that point where you're so close yet still so far off. After having spent hours researching the organisation, putting forward your best pitch, and essentially begging for them to see your worth and value for up to an hour.. only to be told no. My translation: "cute attempt, but you're crazy to think that you could ever amount to more than where you're currently at. Humble yourself, sis"

Maybe it's only me, but I don't take rejection at face value. Rejection plays on my insecurities because I never allow it to stop just there. It comes with underlying jabs of thinking that I'm not good enough for anything more than my current occupation, that I'm always missing the mark to success, and having no clear direction of what I’m really meant to be doing with my life. I then get discouraged, stop looking, and find myself in the same dead-end job for another 18 months.

As the second half of 2020 is quickly approaching, I'm adamant to come out of this rut and approach job hunting with a new perspective and different energy. Let’s see what Drake has to say about this:

🎶"I been down so long it look like up to me" - Drake, Fake Love

It's tempting to give up and call it day when you receive any form of rejection. Sometimes I even think maybe this whole 9-5 thing ain't for me. But just before you do, see the bottom of the barrel as a new race. If you've been using the same job search engines, try a new one. Draft some emails to send out to recruiters. Design a portfolio to showcase the next time you go for an interview. Reposition yourself, get into gear and be creative with it. The only way is up from where you're currently at.

🎶"All I know is imma mother f* legend" - Drake, Legend

I'm the queen of self-pity. When I get rejected you'd think I'm going through a bereavement. But just because a potential employer has decided not to realise your value to their company, doesn't mean that you don't have any. Your worth is not ascribed to your job, and you are so much more than your labour. Moving forward, remind yourself that you have so much zeal and talent to offer, and pity the ones who lost out on you. You're levels and that's on PERIODT, pooh.

🎶"I'm upset, 50,000 on my head is disrespect" - Drake, I'm Upset

(I mean lowkey a £50k salary would actually be incredibly respectful like omggg), but the point here is - know your value, and then add some. It's easy to slip into believing that you need to 'dumb down' your search for jobs that you are overqualified for just to be accepted by anyone. Know what you bring to the table, value its worth and then add tax. Omo, in this life, if you don't have money you go suffer. Don't stop researching into what fields and companies offer the best market rates and beyond, because they are out there. Liaise with people in a similar position that you are trying to obtain too, so you are aware of the tax bracket your labour is worth.

🎶"Working on the weekend like usual" - Future (but ft. Drake), Life is Good

Have a schedule in place, work on applications a little every day, seek mentorship for support. It can be long, it gets daunting and very repetitive. But whatever you do, try not to lose your momentum. Every little step goes a long way, and with each step, though it may not seem like it at the time, you are getting that little bit closer to your dream job.

🎶"Started from the bottom, now we here" - Drake, Started from the Bottom

See every bit of progress as a win. For those who struggle to get called for interviews, celebrate when you do. For those who struggle to get the job, celebrate when you get the interview. It's a process and a competition, so take pleasure in when things do work in your favour. And until then, dance in the waiting room. I know it can proper feel like you're getting nowhere, but sometimes energy breeds energy. Have a ready mindset to receive the wins that are coming, because they are en route.

Word to Drizzy on the inspo, he ain't ever lie.

Congratulations in advance,

Es x

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