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3 Ways Female Founders Can Realign the Capital Landscape

The effort to bring refreshment to your business is necessary. This must be an ongoing concern.

By Cosmin ChildPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
3 Ways Female Founders Can Realign the Capital Landscape
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Relative to world entrepreneurship, the proverbial glass ceiling has been shattered. This is amid reports revealing facts that almost half of the entrepreneurs worldwide — 252 million — are women. As brilliant as that metric is, it’s curious that Census Bureau Annual Business Survey reporting cites that a mere 20.9% (1.2 million) of U.S. companies are women-owned. On an international scale, just 4.7% of American commercial enterprise proprietors are women. Whether thinking about facts at the global or U.S. countrywide level, the disparity begs the most integral question: “Why?”

Perhaps one glaring reason is lack of capital because girls reportedly acquire much less than 3% of handy VC funding. Other findings show that, in 2019, solely 2.8% of assignment capital in the United States went to women-led startups; it dropped to 2.3% in 2020.

These numbers divulge that, regardless of the hustle, heart, and excessive revenues, females are struggling with adequate and equitable get entry capital. What’s more, the ripple results of the unparalleled international pandemic on companies with a woman founder may additionally really exacerbate the funding gap. This is as many ladies in the workplace are wincing from the pinch of being requested to get extra carried out with less.

But, all is now not lost. There are approaches to the startup funding system that can be democratized to help higher-position girls to navigate the shifting capital landscape. Here are three.

1. Fix Your Expectations of Fairness

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “read the room,” then you’ve additionally heard the phrase “know your audience.” In fundraising–at any round–there are a few customary truths to recognize. Many investors use sample recognition. In other words, they accept as true that by investing in the products or humans that are most comparable to their previous successes then they will have a larger probability of future success. This pattern is based on an unconscious bias and bolstered by using influences that can’t be controlled, such as one’s experiences, childhood upbringing, and environment.

Thea Myhrvold, CEO, and Founder of GetBee — a female entrepreneur who lately raised $1.8 million from top task capitalists — recounts her very own journey with bias. “From my personal fundraising experience, except fail there were questions hurled at me that I don’t accept as true with would have been requested of a male founder, such as ‘how will you make sure not to lose key clients?’ or ‘how will you stop bankruptcy?’ It’s no longer that I was asked these important and indispensable questions, but as an alternative that they dominated the conversation.”

Based on Myhrvold’s track document and professional pedigree — having acquired LinkedIn Power Profile and Cartier Women’s Initiative awards; accrued a world-class consumer list and logged more than a decade of front-line tech experience — she had predicted an extraordinary line of questioning. “I predicted having to reply to questions about the market, my stability sheet, my projections, and strategy,” Myhrvold said. “The skepticism about my expertise and trip in this area shook me. I predicted sensible questions and notion-provoking. They had been neither. They were, however, pretty high quality at distracting me and derailing the conversation. I walked away disillusioned.”

This was until Myhrvold determined Dr. Dana Kanze’s TEDxPeachtree presentation, “The Real Reason Female Entrepreneurs Get Less Funding” from which she says she learned three simple truths: unconscious bias exists, deal with it and get on with it.

Take pay attention to it. You’ll obtain clarity on how unconscious bias plays out in everyday life. This consists of the notion that unconscious bias is surely a function of our brains searching for patterns. Because we are bombarded with millions of messages that our talent is working to arrange and translate, your Genius will take shortcuts. Sometimes these shortcuts short-circuit possibilities for meaningful interactions. So, earlier than you step foot into a pitch meeting again, or for the first time, spend some time reflecting on the important points of your presentation so you can find out your fundraising-success correlations. That way you can effectively circumnavigate the punch of a doable investor’s unconscious bias.

2. Tweak Your Fundraising Mindset

Simply having an exceptional commercial enterprise concept is now not ample to get a challenging capitalist to invest tens of millions in your company. Back in the day, VCs were in a race to discover the next Facebook, eBay, or even Spanx, however, now they’ve cooled their heels and are becoming increasingly more selective about the organizations they make investments in. Studies exhibit that the common deal measurement has gotten smaller as nicely as the variety of seed-stage deals.

If you’ve ever watched the TV collection Shark Tank, you’ve watched the Sharks circle the water and go in for the kill with everyone who dared to step into the proverbial tank barring a sturdy sense of sales, advertising, and different key financials and data. It makes for exact-fact TV and it is a lesson for us in real life. Where do you start, or level up?

Fans of the British-American writer and speaker Simon Sinek being aware of any super undertaking starts with knowing you’re why. How does this translate inside your pitch? For each factor you make in your pitch deck, you must be in a position to respond to any form of the “why” query that a potential investor may throw at you. You might be asked: Why do you become aware of this or that it be a hassle in the market? Why do you accept as true with you–or your team–are bringing a viable, sustainable solution to the market? Why now? Why this amount? Why is this problem you identified and are constructing this commercial enterprise to solve applicable today, or significantly important? You need to spend time crafting responses that not only improve what drives and scales your business, but also why your investors have to go beyond the regular degree of care and challenge your success.

“Fundraising system is hard!” laments Nancy Korayim of Metrospeedy, a businesswoman who these days raised 5 million dollars. “Raising our seed round at the beginning worried an awful lot about research, networking, strategy planning, pitch education, and endless back-to-back Zoom calls. We acquired our fair share of noncommittal investors till we pitched to our current investor group which shares our vision, increases plans, and believes in our ability to execute. Focus on coming near investors who are involved in, and know your industry. Find common ground with them, be authentic and spotlight your company’s progressive sport changers.”

Indeed, a key issue of your fundraising mindset is additionally about knowing your very own value. In your quest for likeability, do not exchange or discount the fee of your enterprise for it. Your business’s price proposition is like an uncut diamond. Your singular task is to slice and dice the numbers so that all the sides of your idea shine brilliantly. Just as you would conduct A/B tests of your product marketing, systems such as Document and CRM equipment such as Founder Suite can prove invaluable for helping you verify and refine your personal story’s key messaging.

Alicia Hanf, Founder and Managing Partner of Dear Mama Ventures, adds, “My fundraising attitude advanced from who is giving me cash into who do I favor to make money for … and why are we jointly a proper healthy for every other? This paradigm unlocked how I now study and talk about every investment opportunity. Your startup gives everyone who invests in it a risk to multiply their investment significantly, and you are giving them as a great deal of probability as they are giving you. This awakening challenged me individually as well, to know my “why.” To now not solely apprehend the big cost my business brings to the market, but also the influence my enterprise has on the communities I serve. Make your attitude shift to a private masterclass in uncommon grit, embracing each obstacle as an opportunity to be better and, above all else, knowing why and how you are including price to the market. This will fuel you to keep going and, in the end, maybe your largest aggressive advantage.”

3. Find Your Voice & Turn Up the Volume

Simply put, communicate to anyone … talk up for yourself and these girls coming behind you. “Some of my best finds have come via warm introductions and others have come through with the aid of placing up what felt like random conversations whilst waiting in line to order a cup of coffee,” Myhrvold adds. “One time, I was once attending a convention and slipped away on a break to find a cup of coffee. As I used to be ready in line, I saw the man next to me and I have been sporting matching crimson trousers. I concept about breaking the ice by using making an easy funny story about amazing minds wondering. We laughed, which sparked a proper chat. I discovered he was once a senior government at a tech organization with a family name. We did the networking dance, changed business cards, and promised to stay in touch. I did. I brokered a few introductions to humans that he cited he was once involved in the meeting. He accompanied me on LinkedIn and kept up with my postings. One day, he suggested we collaborate. Jackpot!”

On any given day, you never comprehend who you might meet. You in no way understand who is listening to you and organizing the data their talent is receiving to shape a judgment about whether or not to help you. Be without a doubt curious about the people around you and make investments in your relationships. One of the quality approaches to accomplish this is to actively look for ways to be each a giver and a gracious receiver. Be positive to be clear in your ask from your network and offer to support them in return.

We all function at some stage primarily based on unconscious biases. Your mission is to examine them. And, while the odds would possibly seem like they are stacked against female and minority founders, I motivate you to communicate up, share your memories, and pay it forward. It is up to all of us to alternate this narrative.

According to Neetu Puranikmath, a venture capitalist investing in seed and Series A companies, “we ought to know how to work within a flawed machine even as we lobby to enhance it. You can start by using checking your expectations of fairness in the fundraising system and adjusting your mindset accordingly, making sure you understand your stuff and elevating your voice with help of other girl founders.”

Of course, funding challenges are no longer unique to the VC community. Terica Kindred of Kindred Mortgage Group remembers that “despite a track report of having efficaciously and profitably flipped 400 homes, it took many years to find consistent capitalization sources l that would put believe in me.”

I hope that the modern-day investor neighborhood will recommend inclusive growth and capitalize more equitably. Deploying dollars for the gain of female founders is a straightforward way to raise the global economy, truly as we recover from adverse pandemic impacts.

And for the women. It nevertheless will now not be easy. Business fundraising even in the fine of circumstances is challenging. When you locate yourself “swimming upstream,” these mindsets and maneuvers can help position you to win whilst additionally better aligning the project capital landscape at large.

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