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Tanya White Speaks about Equity in Educational Workplace

Everyone is Enough - and DEI is the Goal

By Dr. Pam PerryPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

In the shifting landscape where Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) stand at the forefront of societal change, Tanya White emerges as a leader. With her deep roots in the buzzing city of Louisville, Kentucky, she's not just another name but a force driving change in the realms of authorship, broadcasting, and leadership.

Louisville is where it all began for Tanya. Raised amidst a mosaic of culture, her conviction in education's transformative power propelled her to earn her bachelor's from the University of Louisville in business management. But fate had other plans, nudging her towards the educational sector, which would become her true north.

An episode that significantly influenced her trajectory was her time in a struggling district school. It was in these corridors that she identified her mission. This revelation led her to a two-decade-long educational odyssey, during which she acquired a suite of degrees, including two master’s and a specialist degree in educational leadership.

Beyond her educational accolades, life tested Tanya's mettle in personal ways. Losses that would break many only fortified her spirit. Amidst the heartaches, she found solace in writing. What began as a humble blog morphed into published books, touching countless lives. 2007 marked her venture into authorship, followed by her debut in broadcasting with 'Real Talk With Tanya White' on Blog Talk Radio a year later. Today, with ten books under her belt, Tanya's voice echoes far and wide, not just through books but also via her radio show and podcast, “Go Get It With Tanya White”.

Tanya's influence isn't limited to her own creative output. Since 2005, she's been guiding budding authors, turning their dreams into tangible manuscripts. Her modus operandi, marked by transparency and timeliness, aids her clients in creating impactful narratives and reaching wider audiences.

Central to Tanya's ethos is a simple yet profound belief: everyone is enough. Success, for her, isn’t about the tangible but about an authentic life driven by purpose and conviction. On the DEI front, she just released ‘Professionally Lynched’, a book poised to challenge existing paradigms and address systemic workplace issues. This work isn't just another book; it's a call to arms, already making waves as an Amazon bestseller.

But there's more to Tanya than her written words. Through her radio show and her podcast, she extends her sphere of influence, holding vital conversations and continuing her empowerment drive. Workshops stemming from her book address pressing issues in the workplace, facilitating meaningful dialogues and promoting tangible change.

Tanya’s trajectory illustrates a valuable lesson: hardships can be channeled into positive change. She exemplifies turning challenges into driving forces. As we walk with her on this journey, she prompts us: every hurdle is just a prelude to a comeback.

With her recent tenth book release, Tanya's message is clear: challenge the norms, fight workplace inequalities, and be the change.

To dive deeper into her world, you can check out, and In Tanya’s own words, “Let’s come together, channel our collective emotions, and drive the change we aspire to see.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Tanya White stands as a beacon of knowledge and experience. Her groundbreaking book, 'Professionally Lynched,' delves deep into the intricate layers of corporate dynamics and biases, offering readers not just a critical examination, but also strategies for fostering genuine inclusivity.

White's profound insights are rooted in her personal experiences, buttressed by meticulous research. As she travels the lecture circuit, facilitating workshops and consulting for major enterprises, it's evident that her expertise is reshaping corporate America.

In a time where businesses grapple with truly embracing DEI, Tanya's voice offers clarity and direction.

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