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Sleep🛌💤and Feelings for islam ❤️

Me in real life thinking only to sleep!

By Tamseel HussainPublished 3 months ago 2 min read
Sleep and my islamic feelings love you all bcz you read how i feel, entirely i'm broken by Alhamdulillah

Hi All,

Whenever I think about sleep, I see myself in a cosy bed, with white fluffy pillows, green puffy blanket. In a rainy time, where clouds are coming and going. It is cold, and no one but me, in Pakistan. With my cousin, honestly I miss this one day, where I was at their home. I didn't went with my cousins to their eye appointment, It was rainy, at night i ate Pizza. Feels like this in dreamy days. This is how I imagine to sleep and dream about. I feel I'm only 8 years old still. The ten years pass by Now, I am 18, don't believe that I will turn 19 in October 26.

I have no words, My expressions, my feelings, my soul, whenever I think about it, I see that when the day I was born only thing I knew till now is there is only one god, which is Allah. I see my small community, only see my religious thoughts, with my smaller self. I miss the day when I was small, I see this world so cruel. I wish that i was so small, that no one knew me, I wish about things that no one see's me as. I have feelings, then and now, whenever I see myself pray, I see that I have sin alott.

But then, I remember there is Allah who is mercy Rahmaan, If i ask for forgiveness, he will surely forgive me. Because from beginning to end he existed my life started with nothing, He made me. I don't even know why I am writing this, but I am. This is my true feelings not my story. I wish that i could go up on mountains and speak up my feelings. I see that this world has a rotten words with rock hard heart. I see those bad words everywhere, and just wanna hide.

I wish that i was invisable and no one would see my or know me. Then I sit down at night and think about things Allah has gave me and promise me. I say "Ya Allah, Your mercyful Thankyou for everything, your my bestfriend. You have no end, I believe in you and your promises you did me, And thanks for the men who showed me how to get closer to you, He didn't even tell me, But he made me so close to you and I learned how to pray."

I feel blessed when I see some good people, If i had no work to do in my whole life then i would sleep for whole life. Sometimes I see death my another end, which is so scary. Death, what is it? It is your sould going out of your body, with Hazrat Israel. Then if you r a good person he will pull your soul into the beautiful Flower that Lady Fatima Al Zahra sa gave. I love this about death, and you'll see Imam Ali as when you'll die, this is beautiful thing as well. If you r believer surely you will go to Jannah.

Well I don't even know why i am writing this, this is my thoughts if you read this, thanks, It's my feelings. Please support me. I may do scenario's scrpit writing which has feelings.

Love you all ALotttttttttt you make me happy readers, please support me on Youtube and thanks, Share my content.


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Tamseel Hussain

Hi,So happy your here, Alhamdulillah for everything because I'm always blessed I love to write about what I see, think and feel, usually I write about poems. I'm a Shiane ALI as. Labaik Yahussain so readers please always shine.



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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    Hi Tamseel, it would be more suitable to post this in the Journal community 😊

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