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One-on-One With RetroCirq

Going Behind The Scenes of One Of YouTube's Most Interesting Retro Channels!

By Halden MilePublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 4 min read
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Perhaps of the greatest things about YouTube is its endless array of content. Since its inception in 2005, savvy users and viewers alike have scoured the site for anything and everything. From simple blog posts to entertaining short films, there is no shortage of content on YouTube. However, one genre in particular that is gaining popularity are retro commercials. Viewers of these channels are reveling in the nostalgia of their most favorite commercials from years or decades gone by. In fact, various channels are solely devoted to retro commercials.

RetroCirq, is one such channel devoted to this budding genre. However, unlike the others, it has a unique flare which is bound to entice curiosity.


However, unlike Mimes of the silent variety. RetroCirq's mimes are just as talkative as they are entertaining.

Recently, I took the liberty to interview two of RetroCirq's driving forces. Yarnel Mois, executive producer; and Kelley Polling, known as Nancy the Mime.

Halden Mile: What exactly is RetroCirq?

Yarnel Mois, Executive Producer of RetroCirq: RETROcirq is a YouTube channel that showcases retro commercials from our childhood , primarily from the 80s/90s/00s

How did the idea of Mimes come about?

I grew up with the Nickelodeon preschool series, “Pinwheel” with the character Coco the Mime, and also I was curious and fascinated by the art form. That in turn prompted me to write and direct a short thesis film in graduate school that explored the idea of following your dream and it won an award. After that, I’ve used my time to write and direct a web series that is a vlog of a life of an atmospheric entertainer (mime).

Why commercials from the 1980s and 1990s?

As a child of the 90s, the early 90s could be considered 80s leftovers, and watching old commercials and station promos were reminiscent of me watching TV when there was nothing to watch.

How do you hire the Mimes?

We hire the mimes via casting calls, casting sites such as Backstage, CastingFrontier etc and they are very open and sweet about the concept.

What was your favorite story arc?

One of the most interesting story arcs was the Livie storyline where Vanessa Lauren played all of the characters and she blew our expectations.

Where do you obtain the commercials?

We find them in different places, garage sales, thrift shops, mainly blanks.

Are the sets made from real props or are they green screen?

100% green screen

Any new plans for RetroCirq? I see you have something in the works.

No comments.

In a few years time, the commercials we see will be considered classics. How do you feel about this?

Commercials are a reflection of our time period. Some commercials are already classics now (re: the Man your Man could smell like, “Old Spice”).

One of the actresses, Kelly Polling, has also been a major part of RetroCirq since joining in 2022. Known for her role as Nancy the Mime, she was very vocal in her devotion to hosting retro commercials.

Halden Mile: How did you join RetroCirq?

Kelley Polling: I joined RetroCirq from a casting site a little over a year ago. I was excited for the audition and the chance to learn something new.

Do you get recognized for your work on RetroCirq?

The RetroCirq team is very supportive and open to ideas. They are grateful that we all try hard to put out a good product for the audience. It’s definitely team work. We all want to grow the channel together, so we put in that extra time and effort when needed.

What is the best part about being an actress?

The best part of being an actress is the chance to be someone else for a while. To walk in someone’s shoes and speak with someone else’s mind. The adventure and creativity are addictive.

Kelley Polling as Nancy The Mime

Do you film segments individually or are you together in the same room?

We each film our segments separately. We film in front of a green screen with our own equipment and skills. We also do our own makeup and costumes. All of this is done from different countries, states, or cities. Then we are edited together if the scene calls for that. RetroCirq puts the stories together to make sense of it all.

Are the skits scripted or impromptu?

The skits we perform are scripted, but we use a little improv that is appropriate to our characters. It makes the skits more unique and interesting.

If you wish to disclose this: what are your top five favorite YouTubers?

I have too many friends on YouTube to give a fair judgement of who are my favorites

Lastly, anything you wish to add?

I believe that RetroCirq is just beginning its journey into figuring out its best content and where it belongs. It’s growing every day and I believe it will be big one day. When it really gets its brand down, there will be endless possibilities.

RetroCirq's YouTube Channel link can be found at Please be sure to rate, comment, like, and subscribe. Oh, and you've be sure to enjoy both the commercials and the mimes!!


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