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Meet "The Howell Family" A Family Building A National Dynasty Together

The empire of The Howell's with Randy, Demi, Dandi and Demi Howell.

By Michelle Du'BoisPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Randy, Demi, Dandi and Demi Howell

The essence of black love. The epitome of strength.The definition of building a legacy. The euphoria of the ideal example of the African-American staple of a family empire. These are key terms utilized to define “The Howell Family”.

With the roots of the Howell family originated in love and entrepreneurship, success for the family was inevitable.The family is constructed of Randy, Demi, Dandi, and Demi the family unit is indestructible. Each family member has their own individual creative and entrepreneurial endeavors. With the rest of the family supporting one another equally for their accomplishments

The foundation of the household consists of the parents Randy and Demi. Both Randy and Demi are vastly successful entrepreneurs. Randy acquired a vast quantity of fame through being a national truth coach. His notoriety sky-rocket. In 2014 Coach Randy commenced his voyage of becoming a “truth coach”. By mere definition a truth coach is a vessel that assists individuals to acknowledge and vanquish the elements in life that create self-inflicted mental illness. As a coach, his mission is to pilot others in living in true authenticity; their personal TRUTH. One can gain clarity of living in their authenticity by detaching from illusions embedded in one's mind. When one lives in truth, all other areas of life will fall into place. Growing in his notoriety Randy’s coaching has been celebrated by celebrity makeup artist Nydia Figueria, television personality Antoine Von Boozier and DJ Mama Kim of Love & Hip Hop NYC. In addition, the nationally celebrated truth coach has been interviewed on acclaimed media outlets such as : We Empower Magazine, Hustle & Soul Magazine, Vocal, Medium, LWL Magazine, Femi Magazine, Authority Magazine, Hiltonian, Vents Magazine, Heart of Hollywood Magazine, Vip Section TV, and Social Impact Heros.

According to Coach Randy, truth coaching is not just a career, it's his purpose. In the past the coach himself fell victim to living in a facade of his past experiences; because that is where he was the most comfortable. Consistently residing in a past that no longer served his present the esteemed coach unearthed the feelings of to anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. In which, the lie was contributing to his stagnation and mental anguish. “The truth hurts not only about one's shortcomings but also the ones you recognize that come from others, especially those that are closest to you that you don't want to lose. But there are sacrifices that must be made for your own peace. From my own healing and practices with others I created and copyrighted The SIMS Approach which focuses on the story, implementing change, manifesting results, and showing the world the new version of you. With this method, knowledge, and experiences the truth will be revealed and one can truly be set free.”

Demi made her reality TV debut on the OWN Network’s “Love & Marriage: Huntsville”. As well, she is a respected beauty guru and CEO. Similar to her husband she landed top tier publications, magazines, and celebrity support. The teenage daughters are the princesses of the dynasty. Demi is a writer and TikToker. She has had a vast passion for over a year.Growing her passion for reading she was always marinating herself in books & deemed them as her escape. In 2022 she decided to pursue her goals of becoming a published author. That notion inspired Demi to commence her Tiktok for my writing. In which, caused her to acquire over 2,000 followers. She currently has two books. Dandi is a budding VTuber & model. Dandi commencing her career in 2020 she practiced anatomy, drawing animals, nature, and anthros. As a model she has successfully participated in several business endeavors. Dandi has been the face of Demiere Cosmetics, modeled for Fashion WeekAlabama, Dillards Fashion Show, Maitland Conservatory Commercial, and Hosale Natural Body-Care.

The Howell Family are prominent in their success. Each family member is successful as an individual. Once the accolades and accomplishments are merged as a unit they’re a force to be reckoned with. There’s no telling where 2023 is going to take the powerhouse of a family unit.

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