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Florida Apartment Complex Uses "Violation System" To Herd Out Tenants.

An Example Of What Not To Do As Property Manager!

By ZoonibroPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
The Savannahs At James Landing in Melbourne, FL


In the realm of rental properties, the delicate balance between maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment and fostering trust with tenants can be challenging. One such example is The Savannahs at James Landing, where the implementation of a stringent code violation system has raised concerns among tenants. While acknowledging the importance of ensuring property standards, the misuse of code violations can lead to a breakdown in trust between loyal tenants and their property managers.

The Importance of Code Violations:

Code violations play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and habitability of rental properties. They serve as a mechanism for property managers to address issues such as structural deficiencies, safety hazards, and other concerns that may compromise the well-being of tenants. However, when wielded without discretion, these violations can become a source of frustration and mistrust.

The Trust Dilemma:

Loyal tenants who have invested time and effort into making a property their home expect fair treatment from property managers. The Savannahs at James Landing, however, has witnessed a growing sense of unease among tenants due to what some perceive as an arbitrary issuance of code violations. This has led to a breakdown in trust, with tenants questioning the motives behind the sudden increase in enforcement.

The Stress and Unwanted Problems:

While acknowledging the need for action to address code violations, tenants at The Savannahs at James Landing express concerns about the stress and unwanted problems that arise from what they perceive as a heavy-handed approach. The fear of receiving a violation notice for minor issues can create an atmosphere of tension and anxiety, detracting from the enjoyment of their living space.

Tenant Perspectives:

Several tenants have voiced their opinions on the matter, expressing a desire for a more transparent and reasonable approach to code violations. a long-time resident, states, "I understand the importance of keeping the property safe, but receiving a violation notice for minor aesthetic issues without prior warning is disheartening. It feels like they are trying to push us out rather than work collaboratively to maintain the property."

Another tenant adds, "There needs to be a balance between addressing legitimate concerns and avoiding unnecessary stress for tenants. It's frustrating when you feel like you're constantly walking on eggshells, afraid that any small oversight could lead to a violation notice."

The Path Forward:

Property managers at The Savannahs at James Landing must recognize the delicate balance required in enforcing code violations. Open communication, clear guidelines, and a proactive approach to addressing concerns can help rebuild trust with tenants. Providing educational resources on property standards and conducting regular inspections with a focus on collaboration rather than punitive measures can contribute to a more positive tenant-manager relationship.

Other Problems With The Complex:

There have also been reports of this complex being unsafe as unfixed hurricane damage can be seen all over the property. Many tenants report issues with short staff on maintenance and a lack of office response that has been ongoing for many years. Things got so far out of hand that the city Code Compliance office was called to investigate after receiving complaints from tenants.

I also gained reports about staff having to make copies of each tenant's key as a means to enter their apartments which is a violation of privacy law. As well as consistent nosey neighbors who like to bully people even when they are on their deathbeds and have another neighbor take care of their pets.


In the pursuit of a safe and well-maintained living environment, it is crucial for property managers to approach code violations with sensitivity and fairness. The Savannahs at James Landing, like many rental communities, serves as a microcosm of the challenges inherent in maintaining trust while enforcing property standards. Striking a balance between addressing legitimate concerns and avoiding unnecessary stress for tenants is paramount to fostering a harmonious living environment.


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